September 2, 2015

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* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/17/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

mr_shoemake] had dinner last night with my wifes uncle who was the president of the world bank last night he said be patient it will come

[mr_shoemake] 2012jesus he aluded that the thing holding this back was government in iraq he has been retired for 12 years but an invester for 9

[xyz] http://www.almustakbalpa ··· ID=27774 Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States, as is the case with the GCC banking sector. The sources also indicated that if this plan has, will make the Baghdad market securities exposed, and infiltrated by foreign companies, in return for a scenario that occurred in Southeast Asia in the eighties and caused the bankruptcy of those countries

[okrocks] Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States…

[okrocks] soooooooooo how will they do that??? would have to be an RV I would think….

[Mitzi] okrocks please, trying to find out….is this good or bad for us???

[okrocks] Mitzi it reads well… they right now are a fraction of a penny on the dollar and YET there are going to RESCUE the US and Europe! How can that be other than with an RV?!

. [Jeff] xyz WOW just came back on and read your post. That was most likely the best link I have ever read. Thank you

[okrocks] Truly this week does look very promising with all that is happening, I am excited…

Jeff] WCW did you read what XYZ posted about what Iraq stated about the conference and what it means for them? I am wonderfully shocked by that link of news

[WCW] Jeff we wait and see i m not excited any more to much smoke right now

[Jeff] WCW how is that link from Iraq smoke?

[WCW] Jeff we wait and see

2012jesus] a FEW people ive been talking to ,and the article about the meeting saying about the 25 knote and deleting the 3 000′s = rv

[texascamper] We need to polish up those retirement letters and make sure we have plenty of ink in the printers.: I have a serious question: Should we give a two weeks notice or just quit?

[captaincaveman ] Texascamper im gonna call in rich


[okrocks] same story, another way- Financial sources said that Iraqi investment conference in the Iraqi banking sector, which will be held in London on 18 and 19 of the month, Will make Iraq banks to finance the bankrupt economies and saving banks in Europe and the United States

[Stitch] Maliki to meet with Obama in New York to discuss removing Iraq from Chapter VII .

[Stitch] Iraq Finance 2012: dropping of the zero’s a possible discussion topic for bankers in London

[WCW] Stitch this should be our week

[2012jesus] WCW yes bro weeeeeeeeeeeee

[2012jesus] Tomorrow will be the best day ever

[berberboy] i’m glad alot of you are happy about things, i got to tell you i have never felt more doubt about this investment then i have in the last few weeks, intel providers falling off the face of the earth, meetings about things that we were told that were done months ago, what happened to all is done?

[whitelions] berberboy they finally figered out it won;t happen untill iraq is ready and for that to happen there are steps that have to be done and we are in the home stretch

[berberboy] whitelions i really hope so, but all these meetings are about things that were reported done in jan-feb. i feel like this whole summer the wool was pulled over my eye’s. if its up to iraq that means everybody i believed since the 1st of the year either doesnt know anything or made it up

[somethings gotta give] berberboy Or, they had the wool pulled over their eyes too. Till all the infor comes out we are still in the dark, but don’t despair. We can’t change anything.

berberboy] whitelions i know, but your reseach is only as good as the sources.and with no mainstream media, its hard to get facts.

[whitelions] berberboy depends if you only look in the news say for politics then you will only get that but you need to spread out into privet sector and if new business is comeing in and the cbi and what there doing and the street venders where are they getting there money now so all kinds of things


[healthscans] 11:20 AM [junebug] 9-16-2012 Blaino: I just feel that I have a positive expectancy that they may release this thing just before, as an opening maneuver or at the conclusion, of this London Conference. I know there have been meetings to get things done. I think we are all going to be really happy.

anteup] what are the dates of the London Conf….my head hurts too!!

healthscans] anteup I think 18 & 19th

anteup] healthscans thanks…that’s what I thought I read…that’s this week!!!

[jutta11] anteup the london conference?

[healthscans] anteup Yes hopefully!

[jutta11] anteup london is approx. 6-9 hours ahead of us, so it will start tonight for us.. for 2 days.. I did not expect the conference to happen without an do you get investors excited about investing without a value on the currency??

[jutta11] so, maybe they really plan on doing it while conferencing??

[jutta11] if yes, then blaino would be right with his assumptions at least once.. lol

[anteup] jutta11 ty..sure hope that’s what they’re planning…I sure am ready

[surviver] preety tough to encourage people regarding your country when it has no valuable currency

[rider460] jutta11 While Conferencing just has to be what they are planning.

[jutta11] yes, i agree..


* (News, Rumors, and Opinions): Dinar Recaps 9/17/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[crossways] I woke up today feeling good about today. There is like a spirit of expecting! Wooo hoooo!!! Bring it, Lord!!!!!!!

[cruiser] GM all. Wow how a day changes people. This week will be filled with a lot of expectations and tons of news. Do not drive yourself crazy. Just sit back and let things happen. Please, Please, Please stay grounded. I have a very busy day. I will try to be on tonight.

[prissynell] The big question is: when the chapter 7 is removed do they need an RV first or After?

[2012jesus] prissynell first

[prissynell] Chapter 7 is to be removed on Thursday this week

[weimar_police] prissynell I have always heard that they can not do chap 7 without an RV first

[prissynell] well then that is great news for us

[2012jesus] prissynell most of chapter 7 is already gone ,,

[prissynell] bamanana very true

[prissynell] 2012jesus I think the final ending of Chap 7 comes the 20th

[MtnStar] prissynell logically one knows an RV would quickly make finances stronger – but Iraq has no say in the RV so it is just in play for the outside decision makers

[flashing] prissynell it is going to be simultaneously

[prissynell] flashing good news

2012jesus] prissynell i think 20th thursday or 21th Friday

[prissynell] 2012jesus what about Prior like on the 19th. then they walk into the meeting ready to pay contractors and have a good rate. Tuesday thru Wednesday
[bamanana] Well, one thing we do know, no one ever expects it on a Monday, so……..maybe today is the day! Lol


[mbillions] Arab Monetary Fund: Iraq depends managed float regime for currency exchange .

Stitch] mbillions what say you about the possible managed float?

mbillions] I am not sure everyone can stomach a managed float… but I will be happy for this thing to just pop…

blessedandhighlyfavored] mbillions I would love for us to have a managed float. IMHO, it would be better for us because everyone will get the same rate. If not, some people will run for anything such as $ 1.00 and people are worth more than that especially if you have been in the game for a long time.

[blessedandhighlyfavored] mbillions We need to remember to negoiate regardless what the rate is. I am praying people do not run for 10 cents if it comes out low like that because the next day it may come out to 10 dollars and you would really be mad with yourself. We just have to wait and see and make common sense choices.

[mbillions] blessedandhighlyfavored There are so many different variables… We just have to wait to see how they bring this baby in…

[~healthy3] wont the codes give us more even with a float? gm. on phone

[mbillions] ~healthy3 ~healthy3 I don’t believe that the codes have been confirmed or denied as of yet…

[BigB] My advice is to be prepared either way. Kind of like being prepared for it to RV at $ .86 or $ 22.00!

[BigB] If we just think about this a minute. This is controlled by all the politicians of the world, banks and big business. Can you really trusta nay of them to do what they say when thay say? And the ride continues…….

[captaincaveman ] I particularly like the second to last paragraph .

[blessedandhighlyfavored] captaincaveman I smell a RV !!


[flashing] Hi gm. This was posted yesterday:[TERRYK] 3.86 is what i got yesterday [terryk] .0032 in the gazette [terryk] treat as rumor [terryk] well got that two days ago [terryk] we did verify that the low denoms are out [terryk] but not of any value

[flashing] As per Terry K the vnd $ .62

[blessedandhighlyfavored] flashing I pray Terry K is correct on the VND because I am ready to run

BigB] captaincaveman 2012jesus Has there been any conversation concerning the floating rate per Blaino?

[captaincaveman ] BigB its my understanding that Iraq cannot get out of sanctions unless they have a revalued currency rate of at least 1:1 to the USD

[BigB] captaincaveman Agree – I was floored by his call last night.

[Jeff] captaincaveman how can Iraq export oil if they are still under Chapter 7 or is Oil exportation a special circumstance?

captaincaveman ] Jeff I’m not sure on that

[captaincaveman ] Gonna be a great week. Hopefully the best week of our lives. :cheers: to New beginnings

[captaincaveman ] Parliament is supposed to vote on the infrastructure bill today. Also supposed to sign the HCL today. Talabani back in Iraq. Maliki leaving for UN meetings. Barazani touring Europe with no details given on what his meetings entail. Sounds good to me


Asells: Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan . Very interesting articles !

highlander65] from justaguy-…parliamentary sources said that a high-level Iraqi delegation will attend a conference on investment in the banking sector and banks in Iraq to be held in the British capital London. Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States, as is the case with the GCC banking sector. The sources also indicated that if this plan has, will make the Baghdad market securities exposed, and infiltrated by foreign companies, in return for a scenario that occurred in Southeast Asia in the eighties and caused the bankruptcy of those countries.

[highlander65] Tenizen how will Iraq bank bail out these countries without an RV??? — RE-READ THIS PART: Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States, as is the case with the GCC banking sector


* (News, Rumors, an Opinions): Dinar Recaps 9/16/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[trebor1859] very interesting last 2 days. We had a guru predicting RV by end of business yesterday, a person in chat predicting the RV at 11:59 tonight, a person in chat predicting RV as soon as Qe3 was announced, and a Prophet predicting the RV yesterday. Unfortunately all was incorrect and here we still sit.

[Digs] Good morning fellow dinarians & dongadians — so I guess the general consensus is this that is our week ???

[Mitzi] Digs Praying that is true

[Greek1212] cruiser What’s the good word this morning???

[cruiser] Greek1212 It is Sunday. We are all still here. Other than that, really nothing else.

[Greek1212] cruiser What’s your thought on the managed float info going around>?

[cruiser] Greek1212 do not think it will happen. I Will take my bank code (when it comes out) and follow the instructions.

[2012jesus] Bluwolf said word for today is BELIEVE

[2012jesus] he said no hold ups we are on track

2012jesus] funny we dont hear much about the power sharing law ,,,why because think its done ,,thats why all is moving fast

[xyz] i sure hope this was meant to hide rv …. Why a Comedown May Be on The Way After the Fed High -> “I think after a week or so, if the underlying economic data doesn’t change, you’re going to see the market drop a bit and we’ll continue to plod along until the election,” says one wealth manager.

xyz] Sunday, 16 September 2012 The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, called the parliament to speed up endorsing the Oil and Gas laws


[SWFloridaGuy] 9-16-2012 Oil Revenues: The Minister of Planning is developing mechanisms for the distribution of 25% of oil revenues to the people, stressing that the distribution will be made ​​during this year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the House of Representatives. .

Sparkles] SWFloridaGuy I bet those ppl are thinking Its about #### time lol

[SWFloridaGuy] 9-16-2012 Financial Markets: Regional brokerage firms agree to work on the transfer of global financial markets to Iraq. DS Global Securities, based financial intermediation and specialized trading on the transfer of global financial markets into Iraq through the mechanics work permit to activate the Iraqi market investment and link it to the world markets. The Iraqi market represents an ideal destination for all international companies concerned financial markets. The entry of modern financial markets and scattered across the world to the Iraqi market requires more efforts and media awareness, to demonstrate the potential of the capital market world and the benefits of investment in it. The approach that will be adopted in the next phase is to enter quiet coupled with confidence to the financial markets came in and the Iraqi market. .

[SWFloridaGuy] 9-16-2012 Talabani Returns: President Talabani is to arrive Sulaimaniyah tomorrow. An official of the PUK said that President Talabani will arrive in the Kurdistan region on tomorrow coming from Germany and there will be a private ceremony to receive him. .

[SSO_Scooby] Increasing demand for the Iraqi dinar in the Gulf bourse September 15th, 2012 Baghdad / term financial expert said Bassem Jamil Anton that the Iraqi dinar began recovering after the rise in the value of demand in the GCC banking markets, pointing out that the dinar has appreciated against the UAE dirham in Dubai banking market rate (0.26%) and a testament to the strength of the economy National.

Anton said that the currency is the face of the economy, when the Iraqi dinar is supported in a currency other a “dollar” Shall be there in return pumping Iraqi crude oil and an increase in exports, especially since there is a high priced oil in the world market, noting that Almarbin in countries experiencing avoid its economy are buying the Iraqi dinar. added: because they expect that the Iraqi dinar may occur when major breakthroughs and increases value and recovery occurs in the Iraqi market, in addition to the frequent talk about the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency


* (Thoughts, and Opinions): Dinar Recaps 9/15/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

SWFloridaGuy] So far I can’t confirm that the HCL has been passed, although it looks like they could be close. Maliki hosted a session in the House of Representatives today where they had 35 speaker and it lasted 3 hours. Apparently, after the session was held the Prime Minister held a press conference and said that he is calling on the House to expedite the passing of the HCL and that they had failed to reach an agreement on the Infrastructure law. I can’t find any press on Iraqi tv or confirmation in the Iraqi Legal Database that the HCL has indeed been passed but I am still looking. Sure would love for this rumor to pan out. :)

Coffeeone] Hey you guys really, go back and listen to Wang Dang, you will truly understand this CENTS deal, it is a trick, trying to get the people think that will be the RV, NOT, few days later the RV and you folks would have already run to the bank to cash out. Don’t be Suckered! :cheerleader: :cheerleader:

[Tenizen] So, shabs -might- go freefloat since he can do that without parliamant support? Not so sure about that. I might need some confirmation from actual gurus, but I’m assuming that Parliament won’t let that fly. Not to mention. Shabibi is the one who is playing ball with US/PTB on getting a high currency

WCW] It was 3.22 when the war started and shabbii said he would have the highest currency and god said this is his blessing .10 is a spit in the face

Tenizen] WCW Right! They have been UNDERPAID and UNDERVALUED in their currency for years. As a result, it will have an initially high rebound rate, IMO…And possibly settle down to a more ‘stable’ rate.

[prissynell] I could use some good newssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Austin-Powers-For-PM] prissynell Big time article came out today saying that it looks like Iraq, with a number of other Arab countries, will be going to a free float very, very soon.

Austin-Powers-For-PM] crossways “added Alkrasna adopt all of Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Sudan system “floating orbit of exchange”, where value is determined currency in the market, according to the forces of supply and demand, and the government to intervene when necessary to re-route the exchange rate”

Arwen] Austin-Powers-For-PM Just curious…do you think that it will go that way? Okie still said no way FWIW. I am undecided about what I think about it

[Arwen] Austin-Powers-For-PM I guess that would mean no global banking realignment

Austin-Powers-For-PM] Arwen Confirmed the Arab Monetary Fund, the drainage systems prevailing in the global economies and Arab currencies, including 3 types first “floating fully” and that left to market forces by identifying currency exchange rate, as countries rely other system “peg a single currency or a basket…”

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Arwen Don’t know. May happen in conjunction with this. Let’s see what transpires.

crossways] Austin-Powers-For-PM I am praying that it is not a float for the dinar and it comes out high :)

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] crossways And if it comes out at .10 and skyrockets to $ 8.00 + in a manner of days, it won’t matter. You figure out when you want to cash out, and go for it.

[Coffeeone] Austin-Powers-For-PM Ploy to get us to exchange all for a low ball price, especially now all that mess is going on over there. Hurry, Hurry, we are so “unstable” ME that is. Simplistic thinking on my part I know, but sometimes you gotta just use common sense.

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Coffeeone And that is where you have to be smart. As for me, I’m going to cash out a small percentage of Dinar that I own at .10 to get some liquid cash and pay off some debts, and then I’m going to watch it like a hawk and determine where I want to cash out. Strategy and observation involved.

[crossways] Austin-Powers-For-PM So much is riding on this revaluation that it is hard to believe that the rate would be determined by the market. It is to wishy washy! Lol

[gardener] Their communications have been rather clear. …..They intend to lift the zeros and that will leave it at roughly $ 1.17/dinar. …From there the market will take over.

[Coffeeone] Austin-Powers-For-PM It is going to be .90 cents and RV from there, believe me, all the signs point to that, but many would have already exchanged. :cheerleader: :cheerleader: Just warning my great chat family. Later say, please Coffeeone, told me so.

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Coffeeone Hey, I really think it WILL come out right around that range. All I’m saying is that the market forces will hopefully drive this through the roof once this hits. Let’s see what happens.

[Coffeeone] Austin-Powers-For-PM Yes. Abundant, Abundantly Above all that we could ask or think! :cheerleader: :cheerleader:

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Coffeeone Amen, and Amen!!!!! No matter what, we are about to be abundantly blessed!!!!!

[Remi8] Austin-Powers-For-PM Amen!!

chiefapostle] dialysis


[owl] “Opinion” and ‘personal’ opinion…

[owl] There is NO global banking re-alignment. There has been a banking “bubble” that burst which has had profound market effect.

[owl] There is NO good-guys cleaning up on the bad guys. That’s total baloney. Greedy politicians and Bankers will run things when this RV is over, as they do now.

[owl] China IS integral in this current economic “move” but her reasons are self-serving

[owl] There is an open “currency war” that is under-reported in USA, designed to dethrone the USD and the “petrodollar/reserve currency” and the status it enjoyed since the ‘70’s

[owl] Most ‘Military Action’ on the part of USA and those worldwide who would be bullied by usa, is directly related to the intent of the USA to “preserve” it’s ‘economic status’ through petro-dollar preservation.

[owl] Other Fiat currencies are headed for failure and the Euro-zone will experience further woe’s

[owl] Gold and Silver will be thrust forward, valued as never before

[owl] back to lurking…

[mkay] owl owl in your opinion.will there be an rv?

wl] mkay YES make MUCH sense to RV

[owl] bailey2.. sorry cannot hardly stand even to lurk too long…just waiting for an email that MIGHT come sometime this month…maybe not…DUNNO

[owl] I’m NOT a person with “highly refined and studied opinion” … just a person with an opinion or two


* (News, Rumors and Opinions ): Dinar Recaps 9/15/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

MOP: hey guys!! You must watch Tom Sullivan @ FOX BUSINESS NETWORK (FBN) tonight (Saturday, 09/15/12) – 7 est, 6 cst, 5 mst, 4 pst. The first 30 minutes will be on the Slaughter in Libya, and the last 30 minutes (MUST WATCH!) GOLD STANDARD RETURNING OUR ECONOMY BACK …Interesting title for the last part of the show ( RV-A-COMING!).

BOBGETZ6] shasta7 It appears to me, that with Malikki and Shabibi doing there thing next week, and if it is about release from seven as well as getting investments in Iraq, they pretty much have to get this done before the meetings.

[nathansmom] WCW you think all these world problems are effecting the release of this ????

[WCW] nathansmom yes they could are there is more to do according to the other gurus but we have been told all has been done

[nathansmom] WCW I know it is all so confusing…. for months we have been told all is done… now its watch for this meeting or that meeting.

[Stitch] nathansmom many pieces to the puzzle….

[nathansmom] Stitch Yes well i just wish we could put this 100,000,000 puzzle piece together and be done!!!

[WCW] nathansmom i dont know how that it could have almost went before and now we are waiting on more things to be done somebody has been doing some lieing i think

[2012jesus] PAPERS signed on tuesday ,,Germany- Europe = feds ben bernake = iraq announcement on all laws = rv so we are waiting on iraq’s announcement of laws ,,,

[WCW] if everything has been done then i would say that the world problems is holding this back and if it is still in iraq s hands then more things need to be done and if more things are having to be done that means everything that we have been told before is not true

[2012jesus] WCW all is in place now ,,we wait for iraqi laws annoucments for rv

[WCW] 2012jesus yes that means it s still in iraq s hands

[2012jesus] yes but europe and usa had to do their part- now iraqs turn

[Tradewind] 2012jesus If the IMF and BIS would start it then iraq would have to announce

[WCW] 2012jesus now we can have an rv

[2012jesus] Tradewind iraq has to announce laws then imf and bis =rv

[2012jesus] this week looks real good for us

[Stitch] Carly Simon – Anticipation

[WCW] 2012jesus how u like this i vote no more broke wednesdays .

[addylou] WCW we voted for no more broke Saturdays….what happened ?

. [WCW] addylou it s not out of iraq s hand s like everyone has been saying they still are in control


BocaLinda] bouv, did u see swfl in recaps? Came in with a managed float article.. saying it will come in low and be market driven…

Austin-Powers-For-PM] BocaLinda SWFG knows his stuff. He’s probably the one individual I can see who has really done their homework recently on all things Dinar.

[BocaLinda] [Austin-Powers-For-PM], interestjn article. Hope its smoke cause i dont want to wait while it gains value…

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] BocaLinda If this is the case, you cash a portion of your IQD in, and wait for the ride upward. Is there a risk with that strategy? Sure. However Shabs and the IMF will do whatever it takes to make sure Iraq can justify the incremental rise in its value.The worst thing would be for Iraq to come out at a rate they can’t justify or sustain, and then the value of the Dinar crashes. Global Central Banks are then left holding big piles of Dinar that they assumed would be at one value, and are now at another.

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] BocaLinda So you cash out any dinar you have held over a year, and your dinar you have held under a year you hold on to to see where the market takes the Dinar.

[BocaLinda] [Austin-Powers-For-PM], that would be the plan


msguccissima] cllishof I am currently on the Blaino call. He is saying that all of the ME countries have decided to free float their currencies. The IQD will begin at its current value at 1166 and move from there as determined by the market. That was his “Best News Ever”.

[cllishof] Why is that the best news ever

[schipperke] cllishof it was a question not a statement

[Pamsue] i wil lbring some of the notes over here

[msguccissima] Blaino did say during this call that he had just received a text from a contact watching Iraq TV that the completion of the HCL was being announced at the podium. Now that sounds like good news.

[sandytob] msguccissima so is a free float better or worse for us?

[captaincaveman ] In order for Iraq to be removed from chapter VII they must have their currency valued AT LEAST 1:1 pared to the dollar

[sandytob] msguccissima but you could still answer about the free float…is that better or worse for us?

[msguccissima] In my opinion it would be worse. It would not be considered an RV.

[captaincaveman ] So when is this float supposed to begin? Tomorrow ?

[WCW] I see now when this baby pop s ya ll are going to have to call 911 cause you are going to be shocked at the rate

[sandytob] WCW so are you in agreement that the rate will be low?

[schipperke] WCW shock me baby!!! Lol

[sandytob] WCW so are you in agreement that the rate will be low?

[schipperke] WCW shock me baby!!! lol

[WCW] sandytob no high high high

[msguccissima] WCW Now that’s the best news ever!!!!:cheerleader:

[kimskennelklub] WCW give me the biggest thrill of my live love

[xyz] WCW i hear blaino is saying right now 10 cents

[captaincaveman ] Shipperke are you familiar with the term “shocker”?roflmao

[best1154] WCW thats fantastic

[sandytob] WCW whew! ok

[Satrap] captaincaveman no one knows but some believe 6-8 days

[MTDinar] WCW good afternoon. Where are you hearing this will come out high? define

[blessedandhighlyfavored] WCW I am ready to be shocked with the rate baby!!

[cllishof] Shock me please I need it to be high

[WCW] We all are

Jetpack] So news articles out now alluding to a float and not actual RV/CE because shabbs can do that without parliament support , hmmmmmmm

ladyrace: I’m confused. can you help me out. Lost in the woods. Thought it would rv tomorrow 3 something now I’m hearing about a free float. What instrument do I use to follow what’s going on.

Blaino: for months months months. don’t pack your bags etc you may not need. i was thinking maybe few months back. FDIC…. steps up and says………. Central Bank and GOI were not going to release it for float or on the forex. Now looks like a big agreement.These mid eastern countries all have agree to release there currency on a float and let the public decide the rate.this is a alternate to the RV thing.

Blaino: Like Adele said because of the internet etc. these rates could go very fast. I can’t tell you when they will release. I can’t say for sure when they might release this but it would be a great time to do before the Conference in London. It could go to a free float. 18-19 before the meeting. I will explain more tomorrow nights on call.

Blaino: Tomorrow night when we have call the information might show before we have call for the ability for them to trade . you could take to any currency place and exchange.Understand this guys… say its at .10 cents…. if you sell it back you won’t get that. It’s the buy/sell. Depending on the coming and going…


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/14/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[captaincaveman ] Im starting to think QE3 is the mechanism to hide a sudden enormous influx of money into the banks and economy….especially since the Fed said they would keep buying MBS’s even after the economy is recovered

[mbillions] captaincaveman Well they keep us guessing that’s for sure…

weneedit] So next is Monday when Maliki gets to DC ?

[captaincaveman ] WWeneedit look for erbil agreement, hcl and article140 and seating of ministers to come out in Iraq media this weekend

[captaincaveman ] Weneedit hopefully some today

[mbillions] captaincaveman It’s already in the process…

[captaincaveman ] MMbillions yes all is done but not official til made public IMO

[weneedit] captaincaveman that is what I am hoping for after news yesterday

aptaincaveman ] Maliki meeting with UN, talabani supposedly returning” to Iraq, and Iraq economic symposium in London next week

[mbillions] captaincaveman And Shabibi will be in London…

[captaincaveman ] Iraq attended economic forum in Lebanon a few days ago and going to Germany next Saturday

[childofgod] Looks like we will be seeing alot in the next few days! WHOOOOOOOOOO! Go RV

[xyz] More Americans opting out of banking system In the aftermath of one of the worst recessions in history, more Americans have limited or no interaction with banks, instead relying on check cashers and payday lenders to manage their finances, according to a new federal report.

[sananddan24] 2012jesus what you got for us? How are we looking for today?

[2012jesus] childofgod i was told today should be our day ,,and do not listen or read anything about iraq ,,all is done as of Tuesday

[2012jesus] that was from 2 big oil guys that know the right people. just hope they are right ,I want out and off this ride!

[childofgod] 2012jesus OK – Hope they are right too!

[sananddan24] Childofgod I also heard today is our day . i guess we just have wait and see.

[2012jesus] look for live rate around 3-4 pm est

[booyah] when banks are closing????

[booyah] or will they stay open?

[pappyy] booyah hmmmm, we have heard different stories concerning being opened and remaining open 24 hours, etc. I guess we will wait and see

Late Thursday Night Chatter:

[7:45 pm] storm69: the fed had thier (fosb) meeting today? This exactly what happened with kuwait, then they rvd the next day so we will see

[dinar1203] famous qoute “It’s easy to grin when your ship comes in and you have the stock market beat. a man that is worth while is a man that can smile when his pants are too tight in the seat.” roflmao

[dealdoctor] I think we are about to see an RV …GUSHER!!!

[dealdoctor] So we got an ongoing QE3 today which will make the rich richer and perhaps us richer soon. Gosh, there is so much cover now for the RV that they are ready for a long winter’s night!

[pastored] dealdoctor, not to mention that Excon and other top oil compains are going to stop drilling if they dont get paid by monday( from FOX)

[dealdoctor] pastored Yes…so hey..what good is your oil IF you do not get any money for it, right?

[Jeff] pastored so you heard that on Fox about the oil companies and Iraq? Can you clarify?

[pastored] yes, it was reported about several oil compaines nowww what if they dont and the oil companies are kept on I dont know enough to be any top intel person

[mbd4049] Jeff I heard that the Kurds were going to cut oil production if they were not paid by end of Sept and the five big oil companies wanted paid by Oct 3 or they would stop production, which could cripple Iraq’s fragile economy

[dealdoctor] ready4riches I am ready 4 some DANG riches too…some folks are going to get blessed that will never see it coming!

[Jeff] pastored so I want to understand you sorry for making you repeater yourself, you heard on Fox news sometime today that they were reporting that there was some oil firms threatening to back out of Iraq if not paid by Iraq that is what you are leaving me to assume. Please confirm.

[1biz4u] mbd4049 read article today that agreement with Kurds has been agreed upon by Iraqi gov.

[pastored] and also heard it on trunews also todays broadcast

[pastored] how long can any company go without cashflow???

[t2020] Hey fellas have you all heard anything like what a relative just told me? She works for several high ups in the Pentagon, now I have not talked to this relative in months and this was the first time talking about this investment. But she said the whispers in the halls of Washington are the the architects of this plan don’t want it to be released just yet because they don’t want the present occupant of the white house to get credit for it. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the present occupant. But man if that’s true, if he had never won the presidency we would have had the RV over a year ago.

WCW] i still vote no more broke saturdays

[healthscans] Sep 13 8:59 PM [moneydr] 9-13-2012 AMHVL: Stryker sent me a text about an hour ago regarding a conversation with his translator. His translator told him he watched on Arab TV an announcement that the HCL had been agreed upon and is being sent to Parliament for final approval. Additionally, it appears all the oil contracts will get (or are getting) paid along with the funds owed to the Kurdish military. This seems to indicate Erbil may be done and just not announced yet.

[Tenizen] Ha….t2020 That is very, very selfish on anyone’s part if they anticipate on holding it just because they dont want a singular man on receiving credit. The fact is, this is a motion set forward for the past 10 years…And its to save the entire world economy. IF the architects didn’t want him to have credit, they would also understand that this can’t be held back for their own grudge.

txnnurse] t2020 It will still happen the world economy is crappy. You should see the ledger sheet of what every country owes IMF

[myprayerrealized] crossways The financial system is in such a mess, I don’t think anyone cares who gets credit. Those who maybe stopping it just don’t want the economy to get better.

[t2020] myprayerrealized nothing to panick about, the elections are just right around the corner “November 6th” We should see it then or right after the elections. That is if the information I got is solid.

[bamanana] t2020 If it happened now, isn’t it too late for it to do him any political good?

[t2020] bamanana I was thinking the same thing.


* (News, Rumors, and Opinions): Dinar Recaps 9/13/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Asells: “To create more positive results in your life, replace ‘if only’ with ‘next time’.” Author Unknown

[Josey Wales] I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Stitch] Josey Wales God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood

(Blaino Text sent Early Thursday AM) [UN REP IN BAGDAD NOW/I’M HERE TO GET YOU OUT OF CHAPTER 7/LONDON CONFERENCELOOKING BETTER] subj:follow up: msg:text of comments to be emailed w/screen shot later. No translation needed, he spoke english!


leverage: Blaino Saying that William Hague visiting Baghdad to get them out of chapter 7.

[xyz] William Hague pledges the UK will support Iraq -> Mr Hague vows Britain will help advance the political process in Iraq Continue reading the main story Struggle for IraqExploiting fragility Iraq’s dilemma Message of hope Divisions laid bare


cruiser] Hi and good morning All! I have never seen this before. It is from May 2011, and is located on the UN site. Look how far you have to go to find it. “Adapting the international monetary system to face 21st century challenges”:

[captaincaveman ] Cruiser im hoping we dont see QE3

[cruiser] captaincaveman why?

captaincaveman ] Cruiser dominos

[Dinara] QE3 might be needed just to be a cover for where all the money comes from. I guess it is out of my hands anyway. What will be will be.

[cruiser] Sen. Cain talking about Iraq on CNBC

[captaincaveman ] Domino effect….unless there’s something hidden from the public to back the stimulus and QE3 is a cover

[Stitch] captaincaveman that is my thinking as well… COVER :givemefive:

[cruiser] captaincaveman So then u want it to happen?

[captaincaveman ] CCruiser only if its fake

[cruiser] captaincaveman I see

[captaincaveman ] Cruiser dollar will go up today either way

[cruiser] captaincaveman how? creating more money and putting into the system will DV the dollar.

[captaincaveman ] CruiserI agree but it has been manipulated down recently

cruiser] captaincaveman and it will go down more

[kbluhm] cruiser and all I have a question………. is all of the ME unrest going to cause the RV to be on “hold”??

[cruiser] kbluhm Nope

[captaincaveman ] Kbluhm no…speeding it up

[kbluhm] cruiser captaincaveman really? doesnt it then reflect on Iraq that they might become unstable too??

[captaincaveman ] Kbluhm are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Turkey unstable?

[cruiser] kbluhm how do you make them stable? Answer Money! as in raising the value of their money. Take people of those countries and take them to the 21st century. Not in the stone age they are forced to live in now.

[wittsend] kbluhm Depends upon who you believe; Adam Montana says yes, definitely, while Bluwolf says no. You decide.

[kbluhm] captaincaveman cruiser okay. now I understand. thanks. just trying to understand.

[blessedandhighlyfavored] cruiser IMHO, we should should see the RV /CE before all these events/announcements. It makes good common sense if you ask me. It is time to do the dang thing!! Let’s get the show on the road!! Lol

[2012jesus] they need tradeable currency before next week

[blessedandhighlyfavored] 2012jesus I agree before the meeting. The RV must happen before the sanctions and Chapter 7 is lifted. The keyword is before.

[wittsend] blessedandhighlyfavored hello The only problem with your analysis is the good common sense thing. That term has not been applied much at all to this process, although the newshounds would take issue with my comment.

xyz] Has Fed Policy Turned Markets Into a Casino? As markets await a decision on QE3, David Stockman, former budget director for President Ronald Reagan, says Fed policies have “turned the financial market into a casino” and helped save financial firms that should have failed.

Late Wed. Night:

NuffSaid] any idea what footforward means when he says the rate will be a multiple of 7? Who knows where he is getting his information.

[mbd4049] NuffSaid jmho but last time I heard it will be between $ 14 and $ 21

[2012jesus] i declare thursday .friday this week for RV

[2012jesus] thats what iam hearing from some big people

keiji] 2012jesus what are you hearing? TY

[2012jesus] keiji what i just said ,,they need rv before chapter 7 release and that will be next week then London

[WntrRaven] vic1tgk Good evening Vic and OOM–Question for you vic– Will this latest tragedy in Libya effect or delay our blessing iyo?


[WntrRaven] vic1tgk That was my original thought-Thank you so much–Be Blessed


* (News, Rumors, and Opinions ): Dinar Recaps 9/12/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[Josey Wales] Good day Dinarian’s…………Prayers for our Diplomats killed…………I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

[Josey Wales] The best thing for world peace would be for the PTB to activate the RV of the IQD/VND, and other currencies. There would be a new and fresh optimism spreading globally. Look at us all, we are down and out of real funds to make a difference……..

captaincaveman ] Iraq involved in several economic symposiums this week and next week….Lebanon,London, Germany
[Stitch] Iraq participating in Euro-Arab economic conference today and tomorrow in Beirut, Lebanon

[andisgram1] Stitch You would think they would have rv’d before the conference!

[Boaz] does anyone have any thoughts on timing of RV or if it will be delayed if Israel attacks Iran? From what I am reading, this could happen within days

[sananddan24] WCW what are you hearing?

[WCW] sananddan24 nothing yet today

[sananddan24] WCW thanks

[mbd4049] Stitch puppylove I was lurking earlier and blessedandfavored (I think) said her hands were itching this morning, well so is my right hand and like Mom said you will be coming into some money party

[WCW] sananddan24 yesterday everything was looking good

[WCW] sananddan24 we get up today and all hell is going on in the world so who knows what is going to happen now

[Boaz] yes, geopolitical issues abound

[pastored] just heard on CNN, showed the stock market folks all clapping in the fact that. Europe, Germany, Greece Spain all signed the paperwork for the stimulis pkgs to go into effect. Maybe Maybe, I dont know I am not a guru but maybe this it for us hope so

[jlboever] I believe that the RV has to happen between now and next Tuesday.

[myprayerrealized] WCW Could the CE also be a stimulus instead of printing more Fed notes?

[WCW] myprayerrealized it is a good cover for the rv

[myprayerrealized] WCW I’ve never understood why a cover is needed for an event that will not be announced. Please explain. TY

[WCW] how is gov going to explain all debt gone banks with all this money, all these new jobs? they cant say we just had an rv and all these rich people now fixed the economy

[myprayerrealized] WCW I suppose … but that assumes there is a global reset. Is there true evidence that a reset is planned?

[WCW] myprayerrealized when this is released it will be a reset

[myprayerrealized] WCW TY

[highlander65] WCW Happy to hear you are now thinking global! Because it is a SMALL WORLD after all

[WCW] highlander65 this rv is not just about us it s about the whole world and that s why timing is so important

[highlander65] Fed Seen Starting QE3 While Extending Rate Pledge to 2015

[WCW] how is everything done and ready to go and now they are saying something else has to be done another week i still VOTE NO MORE BROKE SATURDAYS !

[childofgod] WCW I believe everything has been done for some time – Just not shown And yes, NO MORE BROKE SATURDAYS! :whoohoo:

[bea] hammerman play back ,,,, the” beat me down an just rise stronger call” ,,,,805 399 1299 pin 162755


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/11/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[cruiser] US Trade Deficit Edges Up; Exports to Europe Tumble: “The U.S. trade deficit grew slightly in July, as exports to Germany, France and other European nations shrank and imports from China soared to a new record”.

childofgod] cruiser gm – Do you feel good about this week? LOL

[cruiser] childofgod always feel good. Will it show. Have no idea. Thought it would have months ago.

[jutta11] shasta7 hi, i did some checking for the Deutsche Mark situation. and i found info about: in normal life there is no DM used because everything like parking meters and vending machines only accept euro. They will print new deutsche mark currency, they won’t use the old one. Since it will cost them a fortune to do all that, it is undecided. Using the Deutsche Mark right now it impossible because there is on value established. I got this from several german sources like reputable news papers and govt. announcements.

[jutta11] usind the DM is impossible because there is no value established.

[jutta11] too early for me to type correctly.. i need another cup of

[BOBGETZ6] jutta11 Isn’t there some sort of legal battle going on in Germany re the Euro?

[jutta11] yes there is and the highest judge is deciding that tomorrow

[BOBGETZ6] jutta11 That should be very interesting.

[BOBGETZ6] I will be glad when my mind can go back to more local rather than global. I have many things I would like to do for the community and concentrate on that.

[jutta11] BOBGETZ6 yes, it will be.. the change will have the effect of products in the euro countries will get cheaper because the euro will drop.. and goods from germany will get more expensive. I do not really see a problem since we only export expensive cars anyway.

[shasta7] jutta11 …. they are NOT doing it openly… newspapers & gov’t’s would never tell you this… & IF or should I say WHEN they go back to the DMark the old currency will be able to be exchanged for the NEW DMark… same as other european countries… by the way both Germany & France already has the NEW currencies printed… just not allowed to be said…

[jutta11] shasta7 maybe this is happening between govts and banks, but not on the street. It is against the law right now. You would evase taxes doing business with DM. That is the reason. And you do not want to mess with the german IRS, they close your biz and take your passport away while under investigation.

[da58] shasta7 I had read they had their currencies printed as well..the euro is going down eventually \, as in adios.

[jutta11] da58 yes are still printing, since germany prints themselves. that is true.

[healthscans] BOBGETZ6 do you believe that if it doesn’t happen in September, it won’t happen until after the election?

[da58] jutta11 I wish I knew how to print currency..see? they never teach us what we REALLY need to know in school..

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 They are going to address economic policy and removing the zeros. None of this points to a RV specifically but I would assume if Iraq is going to be moving forward with any significant economic reforms it would certainly be a topic of interest and addressed at this conference.

[BOBGETZ6] healthscans I really have no idea, nobody does. If I were to guess, I would say much sooner than later as the world’s economy needs it now.

[annabelle] SWFloridaGuy Is that this week or next?

[shasta7] jutta11 …. Ordinary Germans are already using Deutsche Marks again. They do not wish to anger the Euro Royalty in Brussels, so it is keep quiet. The nation’s populace was forced officially to trade in the currency for Euro bills and coins when the 2002 year began. At that time the DMark immediately ceased to be legal tender. However, that did not stop 13.2 billion in DMarks, worth EUR 6.75 billion (=US$ 8.3bn) from remaining tucked in mattresses, basement strongboxes, old books, coat pockets in closets, wall crevices, or in bank safety boxers. It has begun to re-enter the circulation, according to the Bundesbank. The cash volume is more than the EuroZone’s 16 other former currencies combined. From pharmacies to private shopkeepers, the DMark is honored. The Euro currency is on its last legs in Germany. As the European bond crisis rages on, as the big Euro banks teeter without end, as the bank runs pick up steam, the DMark is making a comeback, just like the Lira is in Italy.

[mimi3] Read today where the usa ‘s credited rating may be down graded AGAIN!!

[shasta7] Read the whole article it spells it out… :-)

[annabelle] SWFloridaGuy thanks

[SWFloridaGuy] shasta7 Golden Jackass is solid huh?

[shasta7] SWFloridaGuy … well Jim Willie is respected by alot of people

[jutta11] shasta7 I read this guy’s link and I don’t know where he gets his information from but my connections are many ordinary Germans and they do not use DM at all. I think his fantacy is working overtime. How could you prove if he is right since you don’t live there and he doesn’t either. They mentioned that some jokers took off from the meters and vending machines the euro sign which was attached over the DM. Now it looks like you can put DM in there, but in reality it only accepts euros. Just my 2 euro cents. I don’t believe most of what he said.

[shasta7] jutta11 … France & Germany ready to abound the Euro Bob Chapman : France and Germany are getting ready to abandon the failing euro and go back to their previous national currencies , in fact both France and Germany have starter to respectively re-print the Franc and the Deutschmark , Gold and Silver prices are ready to shoot up again as it seems that JPM and HSBC have already covered most of their short positions in silver so there is no more reasons for them to knock the price down , expect Silver to go back up over $ 50/oz and Gold to over $ 2200/oz and may be $ 300/oz before the next February , they just cannot hold the market down for ever says Bob Chapman


[annabelle] Seems like big dates come and go and there still is no real back wall when it comes to the IQD NEEDING to actually increase. Anyone know if this Sept is any different from last Sept.??

[SWFloridaGuy] This is not the same thing as the 2011 Iraq Mining conference. Or the IMF and World Bank meetings last year.

[BOBGETZ6] annabelle There has been so much done. We are way past where we were last year.

[annabelle] BOBGETZ6 thats good

[da58] BOBGETZ6 that’s an interesting thought…going back to the ‘local’ me..thanks, you stimulated my mind this morning, going to think about that!

[BOBGETZ6] annabelle If there were not so much greed, dishonesty and political posturing, we would already be where we want to be and that is out of the IQD.

[annabelle] BOBGETZ6 sad- but true

[Ram1] SWFloridaGuy So are you feeling they need to RV before the London conference? They went last year without the RV.

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 They went last year where? Not to this one.And no of course they don’t have to RV prior. They don’t have to RV at all. Show me the conference you’re talking about last year. There were financial conferences but not this one. I see that people keep saying that they had this conference last year but they didn’t. Iraq Finance 2012 is the first international conference and exhibition on banking and financial institutions in Iraq.

[Ram1] SWFloridaGuy BWM mentioned it last night in his comments on Dinar recaps.

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 Yeah I know, he’s wrong.

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1

[Ram1] SWFloridaGuy Well that is wonderful news. Thanks for clearing that up. Do you feel they will RV before the conference to make themselves look better?

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 I really don’t speculate on dates or rates. I don’t have a clue. Like I said previously I just think that whatever economic reforms they are going to be making will be addressed. Usually economic policy is laid out 10 years in advance and I do think the zeros being removed will be discussed.


* (News, Rumors, and Opinions): Dinar Recaps 9/10/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[Jeff] Congress is back this week and the FED meets hmmm

[childofgod] Jeff This should be a very interesting week

[Jeff] Josey Wales could we have a QE3 announcement but not really put into play?

[childofgod] Jeff I dont think there will be an announcement. As a matter of fact, it kinda looks like QE3 has started

[Jeff] Josey Wales per Jimmy Rodgers the Euro is in extreme danger this week lots of news this last weekend

[Jeff] childofgod there you go right

[childofgod] Jeff We need to see what the outcome is from the Germany court this week

[Jeff] childofgod agreed one judge is holding the whole thing in his hand per articles I have read

[xyz] Debt crisis: German court may delay euro ruling – live Germany’s Constitutional Court said it will examine whether to postpone its long-awaited verdict on the eurozone’s permanent rescue fund and the EU fiscal pact after a new legal challenge by a leading eurosceptic politician.

[childofgod] Jeff agree

[captaincaveman ] Soros tells Germany to lead or leave

[childofgod] xyz More smoke??

[Jeff] captaincaveman this could be a very good week do you agree?

[captaincaveman ] Jeff it’s Monday…..but gotta feeling its gonna be the last working Monday lol

[Jeff] captaincaveman you could be right

[pappyy] captaincaveman like that feeling you are having!!!

[blue skies] captaincaveman I’ll buy into that…

[ken153] blue skies me too

[wittsend] captaincaveman Looks to me like Soros needs to keep his mouth shut. Merkel just might do it, or threaten to do it. That would plunge Europe into a deep morass.

[Jeff] what is about being a billionaire who can tell a soverign country what to do wow Soros is some character

[childofgod] Jeff He really is something else!!

[captaincaveman ] Wittsend pressure..I think Soros wants this RV too

[childofgod] captaincaveman good point

[wittsend] captaincaveman You know he does, but his pressure would better serve directed elsewhere IMHO.

[ken153] wittsend agreed

[Jeff] Marc Faber is predicting a 20% correction in the Euro markets wow

[Jeff] not surprised

[xyz] Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) — Global central bankers continue meetings in Basel today…

[ken153] Jeff of the gloom and doom report

[Jeff] ken153 yes marc faber NOT ME LOL

[captaincaveman ] I doubt George Soros does anything without analyzing the outcome and consequences of his actions.

[bamanana] Jeff He is a very evil man…….seriously evil!

[captaincaveman ] He doesn’t do anything without a reason

[childofgod] captaincaveman Absolutely and he will always make sure he comes out on top!

[Jeff] captaincaveman soros is what I call an economic and political disrupter

[bamanana] Hitler doesn’t have a thing on Soros! roflmao

[captaincaveman ] Jeff did you see the article last week about Putin buying tons and tons of gold

[Jeff] captaincaveman yep every month


BigB] Stitch It was interesting late last night with the conversation concerning Generals post

Sep 10 7:03 AM [BigB] Stitch You’ll hear about it this morning!

Sep 10 7:03 AM [Diverdown] Big a newpost by general

[BigB] Stitch mbillions The post was on 3sintel’s site Saturday night. He went into detail on the probable hold up. The hard part was that it was requested not to be posted on recaps and most did not have access to 3sintel’s site.

[Jmcknight63] Bigb. I can not get on 3s either

[mbillions] BigB Did he blame it on our Commander and Chief?

[BigB] mbillions No – it was more on gurus that keep talking and peeps that bug the banks. Also talked about the “tier” thing again.

[mbillions] BigB Did he mention codes?

[BigB] mbillions He further talked about the banks reaching us – not the other way around.

[mbillions] BigB Now how would they do that?

[BigB] mbillions Yes, codes were mentioned and my take on it is that the codes will allow you to “exchange” on a higher level tier.

[mbillions] BigB Well thank you for passing that on… you are a wealth of infomation this morning… love

[BigB] mbillions With our email addresses that have been submitted.

[Stitch] BigB sounds like the verdict is still out on the issue of codes….

[captaincaveman ] ··· ddleeast

[BigB] Stitch I think almost everything is speculative. I suggest people read his post and draw their own conclusions. It would be good to get others opinion. I think you can still registar on their site.