September 3, 2015

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Frank26 hints that he is at the end of the road

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Eph320 :Hang in there Frank! You’re almost finished with THIS task. I’m praying for you Brother!

Frank26: Hmmm. No. Not almost.

IMO …….. We are done.

You see ……….. IMO it is no longer in human hands………. It is now an algorithm.

Migrating as I told so many so many years ago ………. From the E to the W.

Come to ……. One of our LAST CCs tonight.

Early this year I shutdown 3 TEAMS ………. I would be honored if many came to say goodbye to the final 7 TEAMS of KTFA.

We …….. Can not tell You what we know tonight.

Yet …….. If You have ears …….. You will be able to hear.

I am proclaiming the end to our IQD STUDIES together………. Wish to tell You when.

Please come with serious hearts tonight to understand that ITEAM …….. Was correct.

Hmmm………. Take a walk in my shoes says You?

No need. I am barefoot 99% of the time.

KTFA FAMILY …………. C U on CC in 1………… Last time.

My deepest and true sincere Love to You and Yours……….. Aloha Oe’

KTFA, Frank

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Frank26 talks dates.

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

3-17-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 [Article -18 – This law shall be published in the official gazette and implemented after ninety (90) days from the date of publication. Does this mean no rate until June of this year. ie. 90 days from date of publication.] Normally it can be done within 30 days. IMO, This law is good but not what has delayed the RV announcement. All this while keeping in mind that last April 2013, The CBI said June 2014 is when they will lift the 000′s.

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Frank26 talks about the value of the budget.

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2-9-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 If they can AFFORD to lose 18 trillion by the end of this month then I can only imagine the value of this budget. For them to take such a monthly loss to me says that the 2014 budget has a new rate worth fighting for.

Wells Fargo to Frank26: We will talk when CH 7 is lifted

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3-19-13 Frank26:    Last night on my CC I said: Wells Fargo does NOT say to us any longer …………. “Frank26 … We will talk when CH 7 is lifted.” ………. That conversation with them was all of last year. NOW ………. They say to us …………” Frank26 … When we SEE the rate we will talk to You and KTFA.”

THEN …………. Right after that I said The PM and a full delegation from KW will arrive in the first week of April to Baghdad.

So NOW that You see this article today may I politely say ……….. TA DA !!!

* (Frank26): KTFA 6/5/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Franks Conference Call Playback w/Deltafrom 7 pmest6/4/12    Call 760 569 7699 pin 156996#

Maliki was busy cleaning a little more the GOI this past week. Do you think that those he was cleaning up sat around waiting to be cleaned? No. Maliki was very successful.

Looking for the National Conference?? What if it is happening right under our noses? There has been a hint of it; that it might be going on right now.

We have rights to be a part of the international community now! …says the CBI. They have the right to be pegged to the US dollar. What does that mean?

If we walked down the street and you were tired. And I said jump on my back for a piggy back ride. That would make it easy for you wouldn’t it. The IQD is now in position to be carried by the USD. Will the dollar like this? Yes. What does the IQD represent? Will oil production increase the value of the IQD? Who is carrying who??? Hmm?

The IQD will strengthen and support the USD.

Shabibi also claims they also have sovereign bonds. This was given as part of the Paris Club agreement. International! HUGE!

Shabibi is the only one to pay attention to; ignore the GOI’s antics. Watch what they do and not what they say.

SA paying Parliament members to vote against Maliki for no confidence.

Iraq establishes banking platforms with other countries; this is humongous.

June 7 – IMF

June 15 – Chapter 7 ???????

June 30/July 1 – Tariffs

SA doesn’t want a Shiite led Iraq government. But there is no replacement for Maliki.

We send Biden to Iraq to calm down the no confidence vote against Maliki. There is no no-confidence against Maliki. So, why send him over then?

National Conference is going on right now in Team’s opinion.

Maliki has some watermelon as he sits the secretary general discussing constitutional disputes. Disputes have no ground for support. Maliki is ironing out these disputes.

These accusations are childish and don’t amount to anything.

Talibani is working hard on border issues and tariffs. Not the Maliki no-confidence nonsense.

Team thinks these are the final two steps that need to be in sync. It is important on June 30th; Tariffs being enacted.

Delta’s report !!

No confidence against Maliki – not all news is true. Some true, most is not.

1) 2 weeks ago about the constitution the process in order to remove Maliki if that is what they want to do.

Need two processes. Need a letter to the President. Parliament needs to meet to vote. Then 163 votes needed

2) How many seats the Iraqi list has in Parliament. 91 seats. White list is 45 seats. So list is not even 50 seats for the Iraqi List. Supposedly they sent documentation with 173 votes. Signatures were forged. Being investigated. Not going to happen. 45 signatures will be prosecuted by their Supreme Court when all said and done.

Don’t listen to the GOI says Delta.

Iraqi list is trying but they have nothing to take confidence from Maliki.

Sovereign bonds are most expensive? How can that be says Delta. How can they sell those under Chapter 7?? Economically they are not bound by Chapter 7.

Saudi Arabia is causing A LOT of the issues with Iraq. Not Iran so much. SA is a big snake in the Middle East. Frank doesn’t think it will add up to much, this bribing from SA. Riots in the streets want to keep Maliki.

Frank says we are progressing. GOI almost fully cleaned and back in sync soon.

The people like Maliki.

This has all been some kind of propaganda and delays for some reason. Next week or two will find out signatures were forged and taken to Supreme Court.

Don’t fall for the GOI antics.

Pay attention to the CBI!

Maliki’s position is growing and strengthening for the next few years.

IMF on the 7th. Very important meeting in Frank’s opinion. Final steps, says Frank. Normally they go to the IMF but now the IMF is going to the CBI/GOI.

15th we might see Chapter 7 lifted.

30th Tariffs and borders – Talibani and Maliki working these files


* (Frank26 Update): KTFA 6/3/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Greetings Family,We thank you for your prayers and well wishes on our trip. As we acclimate to our beautiful surroundings we are humbled and grateful to witness God’s beautiful creation called……..Hawaii. We will tell you more about our trip on Wednesday.

When I was 7 years old my parents took us to see a movie called Whatever Happen to Baby Jane. Betty Davis scared the beegeebies out of me!!! I remember that evening laying in my bed so scared of what I now consider to be childish and did not want to move an inch nor blink.

I was fearful that Betty would come into my bedroom with an ax and turn me into a sliced loaf of bread with ketchup all over the place mind you……LOL.

There are many things that scare us Family when we are children. But as adults we are comforted by the Holy Spirit not to think like children any longer.

The GOI is full of young politicians that are doing some rather childish things. I cannot control the other forums that told you in the last 48 hours that Maliki announced his resignation on Iraqi TV and that he has been removed as PM.

I represent my forum Family and my info that in all honesty does not wavier. I tell you to be strong and then to be stronger for a reason. You can call me and ask me the same question in a multidimensional way but I will still give you the same answer……M is not going anywhere.

It wasn’t even 72 hours ago when I last told you that the most important thing to me and my Team is what M did this past week on Tuesday….Wednesday and Thursday. We told you very clearly he was taking out the trash. Now do you expect what Maliki collected to sit quietly by the curb?

No…….they will create all the commotion that is causing you my dear KTFA Family……the fright of……….Betty Davis. As adults……..we do not need to be fearful of some GOI’s scare tactics nor their useless banter. They can huff and puff all they want but Maliki’s house is not coming down. Didn’t we tell you he was using Iraqi TV to gain the citizen’s support? Family he is loved in Iraq!!! By the citizens……..of the citizens……..for the citizens. Don’t let the GOI scare you Family.

Once again less than 72 hours ago…….we also told you that June 7th is when the IMF will meet with the GOI. Then on June 15th we have the UNSC and CH7. Concluding with June 30th and the applications of the tariffs. This is what is important to me Family.

I don’t know how else to communicate this to you. Trust me……I too am fearful of what could happen with the GOI. Nothing is written in concrete as far as the guarantee of our investment. But I have faith in this investment not to the point of moving mountains but going through them!!!

Let me leave you with this. Saudi Arabia was being nice to Iraq last week and mentioned that they were willing to maintain the pipelines to increase oil output. But what if we told you……..that Betty is picking up her ax again……….and you find out that SA is paying GOI members from 1 to 2 million dollars for any member that wishes to remove their confidence vote for Maliki.

It shouldn’t surprise you nor should it scare you. SA does not want a Shiite government in Iraq. There was no need for our Team to share this with you but the GOI is causing us to wrap barbed wire around our hopes every time they spew their demands that fall short of logic.

These are just emotional eruptions of political anger. It leaves a bad taste in all of our mouths and scares the innocent. So when you see this info come out in articles……do me a favor Family……….just roll your eyes for me.

Why would they even bother with one or two million when these Maliki supports know they are about to raise the value of the IQD? One abandons a sinking ship but one does not abandon a baby like this young investment. So beautiful dear Family of mine…….certainly don’t let Baby Jane scare you either. It was just a movie. The reality of our investment is sound.


* (Latest CC Frank26): DV 5/12/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Dinar Intel

Yesterday Frank imparted to us that Shabibi spoke for two days in a row Monday and Tuesday. If he talked today, whoa, hold on to your hats. But unfortunately he did not come out today and speak again unfortunately. Would have been great to see him speak for 3 days in a row, but he didn’t.

Frank will read one of his SK’s posts to us;

By Memphis » May 9th, 2012, 6:53 am • [Post 148]
Some thoughts after re-reading several articles from this week…

Read more…


* (FRANK26): KTFA 4/19/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Greetings Family,

Let’s start with the #1 topic on the calls that I dealt with today. In fact…….it is sad that we even have to start with this……..nonsense.

First at 8:45 this morning a caller asked :

“Frank… whoever ……has just made an announcement that we will only be allowed a short time to cash in our dinars.”

How silly is that since Dr. Shabibi has made it very clear since last year that the exchange process and introduction of LD’s and collection of any remaining 000′s will coexist for at least 10 years.

Oh……..I didn’t know that Frank.

Now tell guru whoever so that he can stop causing panic.

“But Frank……he also says it will only be in country.”

I’m a little bit country ……..but I’m nowhere crazy enough to even consider such an action by the CBI. But above all……..the IMF would not allow this to occur. The IMF is about organization and coordination between the GOI and the CBI. Silly rabbit.

Second thing to waste our time on Family……….”Frank I just got a call from whoever and they say that people are celebrating in the streets because they have made the announcement. Is this true!!!

Unbelievable. Friend…….do you understand that it is 1am in Iraq right now and you want me to call my Team to ask them if this can be verified?


Normally I would not do this but I know that when the blessing comes it will be in the still of the night. But IMO……..just not tonight. Due to the time factor that intrigues me……let me make a phone call and I will call you back. But the odds are against it being true because DELTA does not waste time ………nor mine. Trust me………if the announcement was made we would have known even before this silly rumor that you brought me.

Thank you so much.

Hi…….DELTA said that there is nothing happening in the streets and mostly everyone else is asleep. Then he teased me when he said ……..”the 90% worked”. You see………last night I brought proof of what they are telling the Iraqi citizens on their TV. Our original DELTA from the Green Zone told our KTFA Family the good news. Then DELTA and I decided to change the 70 to 80% numbers that we shared with you last Monday to …….90%. DELTA teased me that other sites are now claiming that Iraqi TV is spending 90% of its airtime to recycle in a loop the message that they are about to lift the 000′s. I told him it didn’t bother me because I got an email and my word “brainwashing” was also used in this form of education via the TV. I suppose we should be pleased to see that others understand our studies and associate with our analysis. By the way Family………the reason we moved it up to 90% was explained on my CC last night. Since the end of January when the GOI passed the laws to lift the 000′s …….we have plotted the amount of times that S or little S or CBI advisers have spoken on Iraqi TV. In these three and a half months the repetition of the 000′s has steadily increased to 70/80%. Just in the last 72 hours now it has really climbed and absorbed most of TV air time. Hence we have put it at 90%. I also told you last night that when we share with you that it’s at 100% on Iraqi TV……….we are at Red Alert.

That’s enough of the rumors that needed discipline.

May I talk to you now Family about my own Team’s intel?

Thank you kindly.

We study patterns and we wish to point. Yesterday we told you about certain events that can be looked at as last nanosecond activities that would normally be shy from our inquiries. Here is another one……..I want you to look at sites that sell dinars. (not mine……LOL) We have noticed that some brokers are now advertising boldly that they will buy back your dinars if you wish. Dealers have always specialized in selling you dinars. Towards the end ……..they would love to have them back from you if you have flushed your patience down the drain.

* (Frank26): Frankly Speaking 4/6/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Good evening Family, Have you ever seen video from other countries government sessions that were going along smoothly and then all of a sudden somebody decides to take a shoe off and throw it across the room to hit their arguing opponent? I’ve seen Asian TV show their government turn into fist fights as they televise their sessions. It’s an embarrassing and ugly thing to watch. It stops all forward motion of a government…….divides them…….wastes the people’s time as they wait forprogress.

It is very frustrating to see adults fight like children in front of their own children. Such is the case within the GOI right now.

S minds his own business and says nothing for weeks because he has his laws from the GOI to lift the 000′s. So quietly he works on his own bylaws for the CBI to release phase 2. Have you seen Shabibi say anything lately? Nope. It would just be a waste of time because he knows that M cannot hear him right now as he deals with the novela of the GOI. A soap opera that has been going on for over two thousand years. 

But you know what is more frustrating? At least to me…….that no matter how many times I say there is no date or rate………I see frustration because they create these dates and rates for themselves. Someone posted today…….”Frank said it would not go into April LOL so what’s up with that?” This is what I said……..”They better get thisdone in the month of March if not the citizens will tear the place apart… is not April I fear this……’s May that scares me.” I know my words…..I study them……I am responsible for them…….I wish others would remember them because we offer no date or rate.

Is there a delay? No. People just create delays between the pages of their financial needs. It’s an ongoing process that is not derailed because we know as a Team what S is doing. In the meantime H goes to Quatar and SA because he knows his anger towards M is the same as theirs. H is no dummy. This Shiite vs. Sunni bickering will never end but it must hibernate this month. Authors and UN are not amused with this nonsense. It is not a delay ………it’s an embarrassment and it’s ugly!!! It is a lava flow of Arabic progress. Authors told the Kurds ………that’s enough………STOP!!! Re-engage with the GOI immediately. Yes Sir.

H is trying to get his share of power…….as M tries to keep his. Of course M is going to fight back. H goes on vacation ……..and Arab tour or whatever he wants to call it to gain momentum for his side of the two thousand year old bickering. Everybody wants to hold the key to power…….nobody wants to share it. They know how to pronounce the word Democracy but refuse the flavor for now.

They do things their way to accomplish what they think is good for the future of their country. M says H is too ugly to lead and H says M is too much pro-Iran to lead Iraq. H says he will return back to Iraq his home when M is ousted. I don’t care if he goes back to Indiana with the Jackson 5 or where ever he wants to go because anything coming from all these politicians and the GOI right now is ……….EMBARRASSING AND UGLY!!!

How many times do I have to say do not pay attention to GOI articles? Take a good look at them…….the majority are opinions from advisers that are a dime a dozen. Or in this case………a dime a dinar. Stop paying attention to the GOI Family. You are reading ancient history that goes back two thousand years and has nothing to do with phase 2………the CBI and Dr. S.

The AS was to pass many tests…… was to show the Authors that children who constantly bicker can behave when in the same room. This  test was not passed. Watch the Authors also tell M and H to ..STOP……..enough is enough now get back to the lava. Or we will send a stronger H ……..and she does not blow an opportunity to tell you what you need to hear.


* Frank26 CC emailed to us by TDJ 03/29/2012

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Interesting stuff. Maliki disappears – rock throwing by GOI. – Media says, you can’t watch what we are doing so they just shut Iraq down – everything being told on Iraqyia TV to the citizens.

Delta will explain how they will gradually replace the currency to get to 1:1

Allawi and Barzani

Delta – former VP Hashemi when he was accused of treason against Maliki he fled to Kurdistan. Allawi knows he is there – Allawi is trying to brainwash Barzani – trying to align themselves against Malaki and his national coalition – Delta doesn’t think this is going to happen. Barzani going to come to us and talk for some reason – Delta says he’s really changed a lot. Keep in mind that Maliki helped the US to write the Iraqi constitution. Maliki knows everything in the law and constitution. So everyone knows that what Barzani is up to really isn’t going to work. The good news is, is that the President of Iraq is a Kurd – Talibani. Everyone likes him. He is respected.

Allawi we have known all this time, he is a problem. Hashemi has all this evidence against him and he flees to Kurdistan. Now, Barzani is supposed to turn him over to Baghdad, but trouble is, that Barzani and Hashemi they have a brotherly pride that gets in the way of justice being served. Hashemi knew if he went to Kurdistan and asked for help that they would tuck him under their wings. And that’s the problem. Now supposed the opposite happened; someone did something to Kurdistan and then ran to Baghdad; then Kurdistan could have made a big deal about it and have been like hey you have to give us this and that now. Now Allawi is going to start complaining like a little kid about it all. Maliki keeps telling them, we have nothing to do with it; this is up to the Supreme Court, the court has to decide what his fate will be.

National meeting to be held on Apr. 5. Talabani asked them to do that. They are all going to meet. Iraqyia TV, Iraqyia List will not attend unless agreed on Irbil agreement. This has nothing to do with the RV.

Delta says he is not concerned with Maliki, Barzani, or Allawi. He’s only concerned with when Shabibi says that he will begin to delete the zeros and distribute the lower denoms. All good news though family says Delta.

Frank agrees; he pays little attention to the GOI and just wanted to see what was going on, on Iraqyia TV lately. TV is showing a lot about the Arab Summit and is being used to educate the people says Frank.

Tomorrow, actually right now, Arab Financial ministries are meeting. This will be the most important part with financial ministries of Arab countries. This financial meeting is very huge. The other countries are going to interrogate Iraq about their finances and their international status. This is all very, very important for Iraq. There was a big push from the US about 5 months back to all the Middle Eastern countries to attend the summit. This gives a good indication that Iraq is back just as they once were. The countries are there to support Iraq with exiting from Chapter 7.

Delta says Iraq was liberated last year financially & economically from this.

Remember back on the 12th Delta’s contact was told about them shooting for the Summit and then article came out on the 13th with one of the members of the Financial Committee from the Parliament saying what Delta’s contact was told about this happening within a few days they are going to decrease the value of the dollar against the Dinar. Meaning they will increase the value of the Dinar significantly.

Delta says, remember, the Summit was originally supposed to be just on the 29th off; a Thursday. But for some reason they wanted to have about 7 – 10 days off; starting this past Sunday all the way to this coming Friday and should start back to business this coming Sunday. Looks like this was something that Shabibi wanted before the Summit. All indications we might not see something before the Summit. They are very busy with the Summit. Yes we could see something but everything. Everything is really done. All the articles coming out the past 3 weeks have been giving us all excellent news.