July 10, 2014

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Despite of militant insurgents, governor of Central Bank of Iraq assured support for Iraqi Dinar

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[unable to retrieve full-text content]Iraq and the GCC in particular and the Arab countries and Middle Eastern generally need to work doubly to stop the process of money laundering and financing of terrorism because there are a lot of gaps that must be bridged.

It is time to set the rates and bring the dinar out to the world

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[unable to retrieve full-text content]Millionday speculates on when and if the dinar rates are going to be raised soon.

Central Bank: the security situation will not affect the Iraqi dinar and expert confirms

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Long-Presse / Baghdad:  Said the Iraqi Central Bank, on Thursday, that the security situation in the country “will not greatly affect the Iraqi dinar,” and attributed the cause to “the power of the Iraqi dinar and the precautions that supported”, as noted financial expert said Iqbal Iraqi citizen to store foreign currency would be “temporary”, pointed out that the Iraqi economy because the governor to balance the dinar per covered 1.3% of one U.S. dollar a “one and a third.”

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Agency Abdel Basset Turki said in an interview (range Press), “The task of the Iraqi Central Bank, according to its law is to keep the dinar stable against other currencies,” noting that “the bank’s management studied and researched the course of the security situation of the country’s and its impacts on the financial situation in the country. ”

The Turkish that “what exists of a reserve of hard currency to the Central Bank will be capable of controlling the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar,” he said, adding that “cash reserves in support of the Iraqi dinar is 70 billion dollars and that the central bank is able to support the exchange rate of the dinar, which currently stands at 1200 dinars to the dollar, so there is no fear on the dinar at the moment. ”

For his part, said the financial expert Mazen al-Khafaji, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “there is a slight rise too in the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar because of the Iraqi citizen and nature in such things such resort to the storage savings is the most fitting what stores have the foreign currency for the purpose of assist him in case something happened in the country, “adding that it would be temporary and can not last for a long time because of the nature of Iraq’s financial dealings.”

He said al-Khafaji, he was “following the increase in demand for the dollar there will be a rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, and here comes the role of the central bank, which will try to work on widening the sale of dollars in the currency auction has in order not to exploit the current situation and the rise of the dollar against the dinar.”

The al-Khafaji said that “there are other things possible to maintain the Iraqi dinar and the economy in general in these circumstances, Kahtiatat Central Bank and the export of Iraqi oil.”

He said al-Khafaji, that “the dinar is covered, according to central bank reserves at 1.3% ie, that the Iraqi dinar, an indoor one and a third of the dollar as well as that Iraq is the export of oil, which would be the southern regions of safe and so would be an abundance of the dinar against the dollar existed during operations to sell oil on the world market “.

And witnessing the Iraqi market a remarkable increase prices of goods and food since the first day of the fall of the city of Mosul, however, the terrorist organizations, which called for most citizens to turn to buy some basic food items to be stored for fear of depletion of the markets as well as to store a number of payments in hard currency (dollar).


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Financial expert: dinar recovered a week after wobbling

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Baghdad / term approaching the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar to the normal price, after witnessing a remarkable rise over the weekend, with a financial expert confirms that the central bank’s reserves are sufficient to remedy the crisis and maintain the exchange rate. A financial expert and former deputy governor of the central bank, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with the agency, “Wi-News” that “any political position or security turbulent cast a shadow over the Iraqi market through exchange rate appreciation,” noting that “the absence of political stability and security influential factor on people’s financial decisions, and people hedge their investments in relation to the financial. ” Saleh pointed out that “the state of the hedge people have lead to to head to buy any stock fixed and stable value of the material, which is usually the dollar because of its measures of global stability is Born extra demand for the dollar,” noting that “the current situation is stable will inevitably lead to a wave of demand great on the dollar. ” He said, “There is great potential to meet this growing demand for the dollar, Iraq’s exports of petroleum products as well as continuing to central bank reserves to cope with such a big Thus conditions,” pointing out that “so far no danger to the stability of the currency.” Saleh pointed out that “the primary function of the central bank is to maintain the stability of the external value of the Iraqi dinar, represented by exchange rates,” explaining that “making the central bank such Thus conditions is to intervene to address the demand for the dollar by pumping dollars to banks to maintain the exchange rate,” noting that “part of civil rights is to preserve the value of the currency, and function of monetary policy is to maintain the purchasing power of the currency and restore confidence in it.” Abizaid said that “central bank reserves from the dollar covering about 1.3 of the Iraqi dinar, and there is the possibility of high coverage of more than 100% for the dollar against the dinar , “pointing out that” the existing foreign currency enough cash allocated to the primary trading. ”


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Experts: Iraqi dinar “at the mercy of the dollar”

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Committee called for financial and economic affairs experts in the Central Bank of the need to activate the financial trading by linking the Iraqi dinar to a basket of foreign currencies and not rely mainly on the U.S. dollar, to build a diversified economy and a flexible retractable face economic crises present and future.

A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri in an interview for “The term the main currency in the country is among the dinar offset by the U.S. dollar, which is considered the base currency in the trading process locally and globally because of its economic power, affecting most countries of the world.” He added that “the existence of a basket multiple foreign currencies greatly help to ensure resilient economy can cope with financial crises and their impact on the dinar National, where he owns a system of currency trading has many advantages, such as maintaining the rate of real exchange in the face of financial shocks and the decline in the value of the currency and avoid any exaggeration in the rate of exchange as well as the relative stability of the exchange rate of the currency, as the high value of a particular currency in the basket means lower other currencies for that currency and vice versa, “explained Yasiri that” public acceptance and how widespread the circulation of the U.S. dollar put data by which dispense with the other currencies such as the yen Japanese and European euro and other helping on their laurels citizen in a single currency more assurance than others. ”
He Yasiri that “the central bank has a responsibility shift financial dealings of the monopoly of a particular currency for the stock market to the entry of foreign currencies competition through the activation of its own laws, and that pay for more than 5 different currencies represent countries leading economic and economically strong, “and pointed to” the need to diversify reserves National from various world currencies in addition to the coins and other metal and gold in particular to support the Iraqi dinar and increase Rsanth financial and reflected significantly on the level of improvement in the economy of the country ”
and pointed out that “the exchange rate in any country depends on the balance of payments which arise from factors affecting the presentation of the national currency and the demand for them, any surplus in the balance of payments of the state leads to increased demand for the national currency, which leads to higher disbursement versus other foreign currencies and vice versa. ”
turn the economic expert Abbas Bahadli in an interview for the “long” to “choose other currencies represent a basket of global economic must be on the basis of serving the national economy and the movement of trade and mutual investment with countries with an economy strong financial, and considers this step to enhance the value of the Iraqi dinar, and reduce the potential risks to the local currency as opposed to linking a single currency as dollar. ”
and added that “the increase and diversification of foreign currency and use it as a reserve pick it economically by the Central Bank of Iraq represents the addition of monetary policy and help to enhance the value of the dinar by increasing dealing with other countries,” explained Bahadli that “money is the measure of the values ​​of goods and services represent per unit of money, for example, the dinar standard to calculate the values ​​of things, including the calculation of this process of pricing, which requires the presence of groups of cash representing the complications or parts of them, therefore, is a mediator of the swap between the goods and services as a result of the contradiction between the mechanism barter of goods and services and the market mechanism of freedom of choice , and a decision to buy or sell, “and that” the movement deal depends on the monetary policy of each country, there are states that allows monetary policy trading of its currency outside its borders, and there are other countries to prevent it, such as Iraq, which has become a currency is not allowed to be traded externally, but not taken to support the dinar in the coming years, but through the development of a national economic plan effective on the ground is an increase of work, production and start-up projects, major development and attracting foreign investment real new order to ensure the support of the local currency in the coming period. ”
and noted that “cash tool to ensure the right of possession of the goods and services at any time and place, Due to the different types of currencies in the countries of the world, there are currencies have gained strength from the economy of this country comes the U.S. dollar at the forefront of the currency, which represents the U.S. economy nearly 20% of world exports and then comes the euro as well as the Japanese yen and the pound sterling other than gold and silver, a so-called by a basket of currencies. ” He pointed out that “the exchange rate of the currency basket is considered a low-risk and change, there is a currency price declines and other price rises have shown a basket of currencies that it is due to the absence of a monetary unit the Common taken by traders as a basis for calculation, which are in the framework of international payments and this leads us to the identification of the exchange rate and the international monetary system. ”
said economic reports that the U.S. dollar is a currently almost 86% of the volume of daily transactions in the global market for foreign exchange, which amounts according to the latest statistics by the financial crisis to more than three trillion dollars a day, and the rest is traded in euros and to the point less in other currencies. It is noteworthy that the value of the dollar declined during the last 12 years by 40 percent for the Swiss franc, and 30% for the Japanese yen, and 25% for the euro, in addition to the large fiscal deficit in the United States did not stop at the borders of the loss of confidence in its currency, the backup, but also led to a surge levels of U.S. public debt.


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Negative rumors about the Iraqi dinar

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Flashing:   Good morning. Again there are malicious rumors to take the breath away from those who have invested with faith in the IQD. In both places, USA and PR, there has come to public light negative rumors about the Iraqi dinar.

The question I ask myself is why, in these times when the economy of Iraq is experiencing unprecedented development, are these people trying to discourage dinarians? If they do not have faith and believe this is a scam then why do they not just keep going happy in their world and not try to discourage those who believe this is a great investment based on the economic, political, and social developments of this country and its industrial revolution.

Now with respect to the post that was made yesterday about a delay in the RV because of differences with the United States, my answer is why listen to those who have always been wrong? Their sources in the past have called the rv for years when this was not possible. So why listen to these people who for years have used the same rhetoric and then come up with excuses made by themselves to justify their wrong predictions?

Please know that all the rumors that I have received are excellent and as I said before the biggest concern in all of this is security. According to the rumors that I have received everything is excellent for us.

The pending items for the release of the rv should be resolved after mid-June and then we should see the RV between the last week of June and first of July. These pending items are of political, economic and financial kind. So do not be discouraged and keep the faith because the facts are speaking for themselves and you have seen them with recent events in Iraq and investments in gold. Have a great weekend and a happy summer.

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The new Iraqi dinar currency is now in circulation in Iraq?

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American Contractor:   It appears that the new Iraqi dinar currency with the security enhanced banknotes have now been introduced into the Iraqi economy. American Contractor has not seen these banknotes personally, but my sources tell me that there has indeed been some distributed and in circulation. …I would just like to mention that there are [some] that have said that Prime Minister Nuri Maliki does NOT want to change the Iraq dinar currency. This is bogus, unsubstantiated reporting. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If it is indeed true that the new currency IS in circulation that would indicate proof that PM Maliki is actually RESPONSIBLE for its release…he is actually all for economic development in Iraq.

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Dinar enthusiast seeks a new path

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-The Currency Newshound:   I have made the decision to end The Currency Newshound and its related sites. God has led me down a path that I am excited to pursue, but it requires a great amount of dedication and time. Therefore, I must discontinue my efforts with The Currency Newshound, so I can redirect my focus.

I have met some dear and wonderful people along this journey.

I wish each of you my very best and I pray your dreams come to fruition.


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New rates on the dinar

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The last time I looked Canada is above USA and Mexico is below. Both countries are exchanging at the new rates. The USA is rumored to be Dinar over $ 7 and Dong over $ 2.

Jackie Cabal Boy still has not released the RV it for the USA. Hmmmmm wonder why?

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How to bring the dinar up

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Enorrste     Article: “In order to revive the Iraqi economy experts: the diversity of the currency basket is the best solution to address the low value of the dinar against other currencies” In my opinion this article is discussing how to tie the dinar into the world economy after it finds equilibrium rather than as a means to create an artificial value…the economist is stating that one of the best solutions to solving the low value of the dinar, and to bring it to a “real value,” is to float it against “the diversity of the reserve with the Central Bank.” It is this float that “will make us deal” with the true value of the dinar…he specifically states that before moving to a basket of currencies the dinar must be allowed to float based on “all economic activities” rather than just on an economy based on oil production.

We may therefore dispense with the idea that this man is recommending an RV of any kind at all. Instead, he is backing the CBI plan entirely, but adding that at some point in the future, when the economic activity in Iraq is more broadly based, and only after the dinar has reached its “real value,” should a switch in “backing” be made from the dollar to a basket of currencies. The implication here is that the move toward tying the dinar to a basket of currencies is years away (after the float generates the required broad-based economic activity to “support” the “real value” of the dinar.

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