September 4, 2015

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* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/17/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

mr_shoemake] had dinner last night with my wifes uncle who was the president of the world bank last night he said be patient it will come

[mr_shoemake] 2012jesus he aluded that the thing holding this back was government in iraq he has been retired for 12 years but an invester for 9

[xyz] http://www.almustakbalpa ··· ID=27774 Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States, as is the case with the GCC banking sector. The sources also indicated that if this plan has, will make the Baghdad market securities exposed, and infiltrated by foreign companies, in return for a scenario that occurred in Southeast Asia in the eighties and caused the bankruptcy of those countries

[okrocks] Sources indicate that the conference will make Iraq a bank to finance the rescue bankrupt economies and banks in Europe and the United States…

[okrocks] soooooooooo how will they do that??? would have to be an RV I would think….

[Mitzi] okrocks please, trying to find out….is this good or bad for us???

[okrocks] Mitzi it reads well… they right now are a fraction of a penny on the dollar and YET there are going to RESCUE the US and Europe! How can that be other than with an RV?!

. [Jeff] xyz WOW just came back on and read your post. That was most likely the best link I have ever read. Thank you

[okrocks] Truly this week does look very promising with all that is happening, I am excited…

Jeff] WCW did you read what XYZ posted about what Iraq stated about the conference and what it means for them? I am wonderfully shocked by that link of news

[WCW] Jeff we wait and see i m not excited any more to much smoke right now

[Jeff] WCW how is that link from Iraq smoke?

[WCW] Jeff we wait and see

2012jesus] a FEW people ive been talking to ,and the article about the meeting saying about the 25 knote and deleting the 3 000′s = rv

[texascamper] We need to polish up those retirement letters and make sure we have plenty of ink in the printers.: I have a serious question: Should we give a two weeks notice or just quit?

[captaincaveman ] Texascamper im gonna call in rich


[okrocks] same story, another way- Financial sources said that Iraqi investment conference in the Iraqi banking sector, which will be held in London on 18 and 19 of the month, Will make Iraq banks to finance the bankrupt economies and saving banks in Europe and the United States

[Stitch] Maliki to meet with Obama in New York to discuss removing Iraq from Chapter VII .

[Stitch] Iraq Finance 2012: dropping of the zero’s a possible discussion topic for bankers in London

[WCW] Stitch this should be our week

[2012jesus] WCW yes bro weeeeeeeeeeeee

[2012jesus] Tomorrow will be the best day ever

[berberboy] i’m glad alot of you are happy about things, i got to tell you i have never felt more doubt about this investment then i have in the last few weeks, intel providers falling off the face of the earth, meetings about things that we were told that were done months ago, what happened to all is done?

[whitelions] berberboy they finally figered out it won;t happen untill iraq is ready and for that to happen there are steps that have to be done and we are in the home stretch

[berberboy] whitelions i really hope so, but all these meetings are about things that were reported done in jan-feb. i feel like this whole summer the wool was pulled over my eye’s. if its up to iraq that means everybody i believed since the 1st of the year either doesnt know anything or made it up

[somethings gotta give] berberboy Or, they had the wool pulled over their eyes too. Till all the infor comes out we are still in the dark, but don’t despair. We can’t change anything.

berberboy] whitelions i know, but your reseach is only as good as the sources.and with no mainstream media, its hard to get facts.

[whitelions] berberboy depends if you only look in the news say for politics then you will only get that but you need to spread out into privet sector and if new business is comeing in and the cbi and what there doing and the street venders where are they getting there money now so all kinds of things


[healthscans] 11:20 AM [junebug] 9-16-2012 Blaino: I just feel that I have a positive expectancy that they may release this thing just before, as an opening maneuver or at the conclusion, of this London Conference. I know there have been meetings to get things done. I think we are all going to be really happy.

anteup] what are the dates of the London Conf….my head hurts too!!

healthscans] anteup I think 18 & 19th

anteup] healthscans thanks…that’s what I thought I read…that’s this week!!!

[jutta11] anteup the london conference?

[healthscans] anteup Yes hopefully!

[jutta11] anteup london is approx. 6-9 hours ahead of us, so it will start tonight for us.. for 2 days.. I did not expect the conference to happen without an do you get investors excited about investing without a value on the currency??

[jutta11] so, maybe they really plan on doing it while conferencing??

[jutta11] if yes, then blaino would be right with his assumptions at least once.. lol

[anteup] jutta11 ty..sure hope that’s what they’re planning…I sure am ready

[surviver] preety tough to encourage people regarding your country when it has no valuable currency

[rider460] jutta11 While Conferencing just has to be what they are planning.

[jutta11] yes, i agree..


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/14/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[captaincaveman ] Im starting to think QE3 is the mechanism to hide a sudden enormous influx of money into the banks and economy….especially since the Fed said they would keep buying MBS’s even after the economy is recovered

[mbillions] captaincaveman Well they keep us guessing that’s for sure…

weneedit] So next is Monday when Maliki gets to DC ?

[captaincaveman ] WWeneedit look for erbil agreement, hcl and article140 and seating of ministers to come out in Iraq media this weekend

[captaincaveman ] Weneedit hopefully some today

[mbillions] captaincaveman It’s already in the process…

[captaincaveman ] MMbillions yes all is done but not official til made public IMO

[weneedit] captaincaveman that is what I am hoping for after news yesterday

aptaincaveman ] Maliki meeting with UN, talabani supposedly returning” to Iraq, and Iraq economic symposium in London next week

[mbillions] captaincaveman And Shabibi will be in London…

[captaincaveman ] Iraq attended economic forum in Lebanon a few days ago and going to Germany next Saturday

[childofgod] Looks like we will be seeing alot in the next few days! WHOOOOOOOOOO! Go RV

[xyz] More Americans opting out of banking system In the aftermath of one of the worst recessions in history, more Americans have limited or no interaction with banks, instead relying on check cashers and payday lenders to manage their finances, according to a new federal report.

[sananddan24] 2012jesus what you got for us? How are we looking for today?

[2012jesus] childofgod i was told today should be our day ,,and do not listen or read anything about iraq ,,all is done as of Tuesday

[2012jesus] that was from 2 big oil guys that know the right people. just hope they are right ,I want out and off this ride!

[childofgod] 2012jesus OK – Hope they are right too!

[sananddan24] Childofgod I also heard today is our day . i guess we just have wait and see.

[2012jesus] look for live rate around 3-4 pm est

[booyah] when banks are closing????

[booyah] or will they stay open?

[pappyy] booyah hmmmm, we have heard different stories concerning being opened and remaining open 24 hours, etc. I guess we will wait and see

Late Thursday Night Chatter:

[7:45 pm] storm69: the fed had thier (fosb) meeting today? This exactly what happened with kuwait, then they rvd the next day so we will see

[dinar1203] famous qoute “It’s easy to grin when your ship comes in and you have the stock market beat. a man that is worth while is a man that can smile when his pants are too tight in the seat.” roflmao

[dealdoctor] I think we are about to see an RV …GUSHER!!!

[dealdoctor] So we got an ongoing QE3 today which will make the rich richer and perhaps us richer soon. Gosh, there is so much cover now for the RV that they are ready for a long winter’s night!

[pastored] dealdoctor, not to mention that Excon and other top oil compains are going to stop drilling if they dont get paid by monday( from FOX)

[dealdoctor] pastored Yes…so hey..what good is your oil IF you do not get any money for it, right?

[Jeff] pastored so you heard that on Fox about the oil companies and Iraq? Can you clarify?

[pastored] yes, it was reported about several oil compaines nowww what if they dont and the oil companies are kept on I dont know enough to be any top intel person

[mbd4049] Jeff I heard that the Kurds were going to cut oil production if they were not paid by end of Sept and the five big oil companies wanted paid by Oct 3 or they would stop production, which could cripple Iraq’s fragile economy

[dealdoctor] ready4riches I am ready 4 some DANG riches too…some folks are going to get blessed that will never see it coming!

[Jeff] pastored so I want to understand you sorry for making you repeater yourself, you heard on Fox news sometime today that they were reporting that there was some oil firms threatening to back out of Iraq if not paid by Iraq that is what you are leaving me to assume. Please confirm.

[1biz4u] mbd4049 read article today that agreement with Kurds has been agreed upon by Iraqi gov.

[pastored] and also heard it on trunews also todays broadcast

[pastored] how long can any company go without cashflow???

[t2020] Hey fellas have you all heard anything like what a relative just told me? She works for several high ups in the Pentagon, now I have not talked to this relative in months and this was the first time talking about this investment. But she said the whispers in the halls of Washington are the the architects of this plan don’t want it to be released just yet because they don’t want the present occupant of the white house to get credit for it. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the present occupant. But man if that’s true, if he had never won the presidency we would have had the RV over a year ago.

WCW] i still vote no more broke saturdays

[healthscans] Sep 13 8:59 PM [moneydr] 9-13-2012 AMHVL: Stryker sent me a text about an hour ago regarding a conversation with his translator. His translator told him he watched on Arab TV an announcement that the HCL had been agreed upon and is being sent to Parliament for final approval. Additionally, it appears all the oil contracts will get (or are getting) paid along with the funds owed to the Kurdish military. This seems to indicate Erbil may be done and just not announced yet.

[Tenizen] Ha….t2020 That is very, very selfish on anyone’s part if they anticipate on holding it just because they dont want a singular man on receiving credit. The fact is, this is a motion set forward for the past 10 years…And its to save the entire world economy. IF the architects didn’t want him to have credit, they would also understand that this can’t be held back for their own grudge.

txnnurse] t2020 It will still happen the world economy is crappy. You should see the ledger sheet of what every country owes IMF

[myprayerrealized] crossways The financial system is in such a mess, I don’t think anyone cares who gets credit. Those who maybe stopping it just don’t want the economy to get better.

[t2020] myprayerrealized nothing to panick about, the elections are just right around the corner “November 6th” We should see it then or right after the elections. That is if the information I got is solid.

[bamanana] t2020 If it happened now, isn’t it too late for it to do him any political good?

[t2020] bamanana I was thinking the same thing.


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/11/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[cruiser] US Trade Deficit Edges Up; Exports to Europe Tumble: “The U.S. trade deficit grew slightly in July, as exports to Germany, France and other European nations shrank and imports from China soared to a new record”.

childofgod] cruiser gm – Do you feel good about this week? LOL

[cruiser] childofgod always feel good. Will it show. Have no idea. Thought it would have months ago.

[jutta11] shasta7 hi, i did some checking for the Deutsche Mark situation. and i found info about: in normal life there is no DM used because everything like parking meters and vending machines only accept euro. They will print new deutsche mark currency, they won’t use the old one. Since it will cost them a fortune to do all that, it is undecided. Using the Deutsche Mark right now it impossible because there is on value established. I got this from several german sources like reputable news papers and govt. announcements.

[jutta11] usind the DM is impossible because there is no value established.

[jutta11] too early for me to type correctly.. i need another cup of

[BOBGETZ6] jutta11 Isn’t there some sort of legal battle going on in Germany re the Euro?

[jutta11] yes there is and the highest judge is deciding that tomorrow

[BOBGETZ6] jutta11 That should be very interesting.

[BOBGETZ6] I will be glad when my mind can go back to more local rather than global. I have many things I would like to do for the community and concentrate on that.

[jutta11] BOBGETZ6 yes, it will be.. the change will have the effect of products in the euro countries will get cheaper because the euro will drop.. and goods from germany will get more expensive. I do not really see a problem since we only export expensive cars anyway.

[shasta7] jutta11 …. they are NOT doing it openly… newspapers & gov’t’s would never tell you this… & IF or should I say WHEN they go back to the DMark the old currency will be able to be exchanged for the NEW DMark… same as other european countries… by the way both Germany & France already has the NEW currencies printed… just not allowed to be said…

[jutta11] shasta7 maybe this is happening between govts and banks, but not on the street. It is against the law right now. You would evase taxes doing business with DM. That is the reason. And you do not want to mess with the german IRS, they close your biz and take your passport away while under investigation.

[da58] shasta7 I had read they had their currencies printed as well..the euro is going down eventually \, as in adios.

[jutta11] da58 yes are still printing, since germany prints themselves. that is true.

[healthscans] BOBGETZ6 do you believe that if it doesn’t happen in September, it won’t happen until after the election?

[da58] jutta11 I wish I knew how to print currency..see? they never teach us what we REALLY need to know in school..

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 They are going to address economic policy and removing the zeros. None of this points to a RV specifically but I would assume if Iraq is going to be moving forward with any significant economic reforms it would certainly be a topic of interest and addressed at this conference.

[BOBGETZ6] healthscans I really have no idea, nobody does. If I were to guess, I would say much sooner than later as the world’s economy needs it now.

[annabelle] SWFloridaGuy Is that this week or next?

[shasta7] jutta11 …. Ordinary Germans are already using Deutsche Marks again. They do not wish to anger the Euro Royalty in Brussels, so it is keep quiet. The nation’s populace was forced officially to trade in the currency for Euro bills and coins when the 2002 year began. At that time the DMark immediately ceased to be legal tender. However, that did not stop 13.2 billion in DMarks, worth EUR 6.75 billion (=US$ 8.3bn) from remaining tucked in mattresses, basement strongboxes, old books, coat pockets in closets, wall crevices, or in bank safety boxers. It has begun to re-enter the circulation, according to the Bundesbank. The cash volume is more than the EuroZone’s 16 other former currencies combined. From pharmacies to private shopkeepers, the DMark is honored. The Euro currency is on its last legs in Germany. As the European bond crisis rages on, as the big Euro banks teeter without end, as the bank runs pick up steam, the DMark is making a comeback, just like the Lira is in Italy.

[mimi3] Read today where the usa ‘s credited rating may be down graded AGAIN!!

[shasta7] Read the whole article it spells it out… :-)

[annabelle] SWFloridaGuy thanks

[SWFloridaGuy] shasta7 Golden Jackass is solid huh?

[shasta7] SWFloridaGuy … well Jim Willie is respected by alot of people

[jutta11] shasta7 I read this guy’s link and I don’t know where he gets his information from but my connections are many ordinary Germans and they do not use DM at all. I think his fantacy is working overtime. How could you prove if he is right since you don’t live there and he doesn’t either. They mentioned that some jokers took off from the meters and vending machines the euro sign which was attached over the DM. Now it looks like you can put DM in there, but in reality it only accepts euros. Just my 2 euro cents. I don’t believe most of what he said.

[shasta7] jutta11 … France & Germany ready to abound the Euro Bob Chapman : France and Germany are getting ready to abandon the failing euro and go back to their previous national currencies , in fact both France and Germany have starter to respectively re-print the Franc and the Deutschmark , Gold and Silver prices are ready to shoot up again as it seems that JPM and HSBC have already covered most of their short positions in silver so there is no more reasons for them to knock the price down , expect Silver to go back up over $ 50/oz and Gold to over $ 2200/oz and may be $ 300/oz before the next February , they just cannot hold the market down for ever says Bob Chapman


[annabelle] Seems like big dates come and go and there still is no real back wall when it comes to the IQD NEEDING to actually increase. Anyone know if this Sept is any different from last Sept.??

[SWFloridaGuy] This is not the same thing as the 2011 Iraq Mining conference. Or the IMF and World Bank meetings last year.

[BOBGETZ6] annabelle There has been so much done. We are way past where we were last year.

[annabelle] BOBGETZ6 thats good

[da58] BOBGETZ6 that’s an interesting thought…going back to the ‘local’ me..thanks, you stimulated my mind this morning, going to think about that!

[BOBGETZ6] annabelle If there were not so much greed, dishonesty and political posturing, we would already be where we want to be and that is out of the IQD.

[annabelle] BOBGETZ6 sad- but true

[Ram1] SWFloridaGuy So are you feeling they need to RV before the London conference? They went last year without the RV.

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 They went last year where? Not to this one.And no of course they don’t have to RV prior. They don’t have to RV at all. Show me the conference you’re talking about last year. There were financial conferences but not this one. I see that people keep saying that they had this conference last year but they didn’t. Iraq Finance 2012 is the first international conference and exhibition on banking and financial institutions in Iraq.

[Ram1] SWFloridaGuy BWM mentioned it last night in his comments on Dinar recaps.

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 Yeah I know, he’s wrong.

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1

[Ram1] SWFloridaGuy Well that is wonderful news. Thanks for clearing that up. Do you feel they will RV before the conference to make themselves look better?

[SWFloridaGuy] Ram1 I really don’t speculate on dates or rates. I don’t have a clue. Like I said previously I just think that whatever economic reforms they are going to be making will be addressed. Usually economic policy is laid out 10 years in advance and I do think the zeros being removed will be discussed.


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/9/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

Shasta7: Here is WHY I am optimistic about this investment. The PTB screwed things up so bad that they have NO choice to allow the RV to happen. The bankers & gov’t poisoned the system & have no way out of it. They know it, we know it & most importantly they know we know it!!! This scares the he– out of them.

It is only a matter of timing in my opinion & time is running out fast. Most countries economies are ready to go over the cliff & ALL the banks are insolvent. They just won’t tell the public the truth as they don’t want them to know the truth!! They do this so they can keep stealing from us. These are the facts. I dare anyone to prove me wrong!!

China is basically now in control. Just watch what the BRICS nations do & soon. The Briics (Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, & South Africa) are looking to back their countries currency with GOLD. They ALL still buy oil from Iran with GOLD.

[xyz] germany? hmm … US delegation visits Talabani in Germany

[Cat-in-the-hat] xyz – They are going to get this thing done – I believe this week!

[xyz] wu? …INFLATION JUMPS IN CHINA Sep 8: Inflation finally moved higher in August after 4 straight months of declines – rising to 2%

[xyz] Euro zone enters dangerous week buoyed by ECB…Wednesday is the main day to watch.

[xyz] … “fairly soon” to mean next week — the Federal Reserve meets on September 12 and 13.

[deb2blessed] I’d take this happening today…but I can do Wednesday for sure xyz!

[2012jesus] xyz what you just put up friday may be our day

bamanana] 2012jesus That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

[xyz] strongly? Ooops … The International Monetary Fund on Sunday strongly backed the European Central Bank’s plan to staunch the euro zone debt crisis with unlimited bond purchases, saying it was ready to get involved in designing and monitoring its implementation.


9-8-2012 BGG: Maliki up to now has not compromised with anyone. Exxon & Shell have threatened to leave because they have not been paid. Talabani has everything he needs to remove Maliki. Talabani wants a National Conference for his country. He has put his retirement off for a year to get to this point and it has affected his health. His health is possibly in worse shape than they have lead on to be. They are talking about him returning about mid September.

The number one thing that needs to be done for the currency to be revalued is the naming of the Ministers. They have got to get the power divided. Also needed is the HCL and Article 140. The Federal Courts Law and the Amnesty Law are also important laws that have to be passed. The strongest possibility of what could happen is Talabani comes back, if his health is good, they hold a couple of meetings and this could be over rather quickly. If he is unable to continue, Najafi will take over and this will go very well for us. I am very hopeful with what I’ve heard and seen that something is going to happen very soon.


[Stitch] [xyz] Russian rouble can ‘claim the role of reserve currency’ “We hear more and more statements about reserve currencies,” the president said at the APEC CEO summit, claiming the “Rouble can claim for the role of reserve currency.

[2012jesus] Stitch i thought i read a few weeks back that dinar will be the reserve currency of the central bank for the world

[Stitch] 2012jesus as devildogmom said, smoke imo. I was just reaching back for what I could find that xyz had posted earlier in reply to a request.


goldman: target Dr. Todd said: It will happen between middle of Sept and end of Sept… he would be surprised it would go into beginn of October … the Global Restructuring .. the RV is part of it !according to Dr. Todds own words !

target: goldman I hope so…… Time will tell the story. I watching this unfold like a great PLAY..

goldman: target do you rember ? .. October 8 2008 when almost all financial world broke down .. they have not been able to implement the Global Restructuring 4 years ago … now Iraq is ready .. the IQD is part of the deal !!!

goldman: target … my wife always asks me .. when will we have the RV .. I told her: ” listen to the PTR call and you will know … I can not tell you …. you need to hear it with your own ears ! and then educate yourself as I did .. it will completely change your future .. so why not be smart and learn about it ? “

P11: goldman target Here is what Dr. Todd said: Tony: Well I should say Level 3. Do you think Level 3 would take place before or after that ? Dr. Todd: I think there is a high probability that it will be announced before the end of this month. I can’t see how it can hold past the middle of October at the latest. There are just too many other things that are going on right now in Europe with the Euro, with the banks there, with China in getting the stability that is needed. I think that a lots going to happen within 60 days, a lot of it within 30. I just wish this administration was fully aware of the history here. If they are, they just don’t seem to be acting appropriately. We’ll find out one of these days. Thank you all.

goldman: VP11 thanks for the exact wording !

P11: goldman Your welcome. JUst wanted everyone to see the time line.

goldman: I got different information to share … major countries own IQD and they use them to strenghten their own currency. It is like a currency is backed by gold and now backed by IQD. They would NEVER allow to remove the 3 zeros ( Devalue their IQD ) … so we don’t have to worry about a so called lop on a international basis. This ONLY is happen to the IQD inside Iraq .. they can not handle the large bills, like the 25, 10 and 5 K Bills.


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/7/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[maranatha] hey—just remembered—today is FRIDAY—and you what happens on FRIDAY more than any other day of the week—-that’s right—an RV

[childofgod] maranatha Today works for me!

[jacque47] 9-6-2012 Footforward: Shabibi was on TV saying they messed up the currency & are reprinting the currency. They have a set of lower denoms already, they were printing another set with the Kurdish language on it but they are not waiting on that. So, why did Shabibi say that? Now that things are not going as they should, they had to have a explanation & blaming the printers was the safest thing to do.

So, yes, Shabibi lied probably for the first time to the people. They are not waiting on Talabani. If they need him, he will come back in. The delegation over there was asked to come, they are helping out with some things. Everything out there says they are pushing for this to happen in September. The banks have been looking for this & some high level people are looking for this. I am still looking for a real high rate and still looking for something today in terms of an RV, so lets see how it plays out

[mbd4049] One of my sources is saying almost the exact thing Foot said

[gsi3000] mbd4049 I have been following him for over a year now, and with being in Kuwait I can verify the physical note info and lots on the TV channels

[gsi3000] mbd4049 I have lots of bets with others guys out here and I feel it will double digit for sure

[mbd4049] gsi3000 actually I would take almost anything at this point, what makes you think it will be double digits? If you don’t mind me asking?

[gsi3000] mbd4049 funny you should say!! The amount of money that goes around the world daily can justify the high rate! most peeps just look at millions, its huge the flow of currency. I used to work for cheque clearing companines before driving tanks

[childofgod] mbd4049 We need to make BIG changes and lots of $ $ $ $ is needed for that … I truly believe double digits and agree with FF

[Digs] did FF give any sort of time frame?

[childofgod] Digs He is looking for it now

[childofgod] Digs But I feel, based on my own personal experiences, that September is our month! Call it a feeling or women’s intuition but my feelings have NEVER been wrong.

[bamanana] gsi3000 Well, if he’s right, he’s our new hero! Lol

[raptor22] mbd4049 what r your sources saying

[mbd4049] raptor22 sources are saying this week and that it will be around $ 4 or so, could however reach double digits.. praying

[2012jesus] gsi3000 I am hearing today ,for rv ,,but next week might look better and  I am hearing from 3.50 up to 20


[cruiser] GBP just Broke $ 1.60005. USD @ $ .8039 Gold $ 1,734.00

[cruiser] There is movement. Markets are reacting. So much for the last 3 weeks of flat.

[blue skies] cruiser do u think this might it?

[sandytob] cruiser Hi cruiser. Is this movement positive or negative for an RV ?

[cruiser] sandytob Positive IMO.

[cruiser] blue skies hi . Can only hope so. We will see.

[cruiser] mbd4049 there are making alot of money in the European markets. May be time for them to cash out.

[mbd4049] cruiser ok thx maybe that is what will happen today, ya think? lol

[cruiser] mbd4049 possible.

[Papa Bear] cruiser Could the day trippers be cashing in chips before weekend?

[cruiser] Papa Bear hope so.

[gsi3000] cruiser If the Euro dies, how quick could the old currencies be reinstated?

[cruiser] gsi3000 do not think it will die. At least not right now.

raptor22] cruiser where does the dollar have to be before the rv

[cruiser] raptor22 it is re aligning right now. just look at it.

[badgerbill] Fox business news….Varney has guest saying target for Gold–$ 2000 Silver–$ 58…!

[cruiser] gsi3000 Personally, I am not a fan of coins. Personal choice. Many think coins are the way to go, so I may be totally wrong about it. Just do not by ETF. If you could, own a mine. That will be the motherload.

[mbd4049] cruiser but you can’t spend gold bars can you?

[badgerbill] cruiser Interesting….post r/v buying gold and silver…

[cruiser] mbd4049 but you can monitize them.

[mbd4049] badgerbill as I understand it gold could go as high as $ 5,000 by 2025, however it will plunge this next year before going up that high just what I hear

[cruiser] badgerbill $ 2000 on gold. lol Going up 5-10 times that.

[mbd4049] cruiser if we are in a crunch? I mean who will trade it in?

[cruiser] mbd4049 Gold wiil be a tier 1 asset. 0 %risk asset. That is a lot of leverage.

[cruiser] Gotto run. Stay grounded. Stay hopefull. Lets see what the day brings us. :)


[sunny] WOW! The PTR CC was an eye opener yesterday. Dr. Todd, economist on the Marshall Plan and Iraq Reconstruction plan was guest. Good stuff starts at about 27 minutes to 70 minutes. You’ll learn what the holdup has been and why.

[pastored] putting it short version sunny what is the hold up please

[sunny] pastored The Global Settlements were to have been paid out in 2008. Banks wanted the increase on that and decided they wanted it in Dinars, so they’ve been waiting for the GS increase to accumulate to where they wanted it.

[pastored] sunny, any insight when it may happen

[sonnayhwh] sunny – so. . .are we close to the banks being happy???

[sunny] sonnayhwh Yeah, it is. He gives history of GS, who is involved, etc.

[sunny] pastored Dr. Todd also said we lost our leverage last year when O jumped the gun and gave Iraq their sovereign nation status. He said, “This administration is just not acting appropriately.”

[pastored] sunny, really this administration is fullfilling their adjenda following orders from PTB

[sunny] pastored sonnayhwh YES! Dr T said “I have reason to believe” some GS will be paid in the next 10 days and he thought that would force others to pay out by the end of the month.

[sunny] sonnayhw pastored 2012jesus . The call will keep you glued to your seat. Really good stuff.


[xyz]  Exclusive: Barclays Urges ‘Rogue Banker’ BanIn the wake of the Libor rate-fix scandal, Barclays pushes for a new body to monitor professional standards in the banking sector

[xyz]  Debt crisis: live -> Germans accuse ECB of writing a “blank cheque” to struggling eurzone nations with bond-buying plans and some politicians threaten legal action as ‘Draghi rally’ continues.


jrboggs: you guys remember a few weeks ago Blaino was telling us about a big secret meeting in Brett Wood, New Hampshire. There is more to that story than we have been told! Anyone heard of the Bretton Wood International Monetary System?

jrboggs: well Blaino along with others reported a secret meeting in Bretton Wood, New Hampshire. Well,  history repeats itself all the way back from 1944!

Bigdog55: jrboggs what was the additional info on the Brent Wood

rboggs: bigdog55, from 1944


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/5/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[redhead1] Wanted to check with you all and find out if you thought Footforward’s post on Dinar Recaps was good and correct. I personally was encouraged after watching none of Okie’s predictions come true yesterday – I stayed up and watched until about 1 last night to make sure. George – come home!!!!!

[NuffSaid] redhead1 good morning. just curious why you are encouraged that none of Okie’s predictions came true?

[redhead1] My friend in Dallas works in the same office building as George Bush’s office and sees him often on the elevator – she said she is going to wait for him today and ask him about the Dinar – not that I think he will tell her.

[redhead1] Nuffsaid – sorry – I apparently wrote it wrong – I was encouraged when he posted and kept thinking something would happen yesterday and then again – it did not – I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

[redhead1] Guys – I always enjoy the early morning chats but if this storm is really turning back on us – I have to go get ready – I will let you know if she talks to Bush.

[deb2blessed] cruiser..good morning…sure could use some good news! :-)

[cruiser] deb2blessed What is so bad? other than it has not happened?

[mortoys2u] cruiser It would just be nice to know that there was a back end date they won’t go past but those never seem to come true. We have had to may dates and still no RV. I not negative tho.

[cruiser] mortoys2u Yes it would be nice, but that is not the case.

[Maryrose] cruiser was the extra training for the banks on Monday confirmed or is it a rumor??

[cruiser] Maryrose I think rumor. I was not asked to work. :)

1:46 PM [Baxter1243]  Shabibi is now having a printing company in Germany and one in London reprint all the currency with the kurdish language on it too. All the banks in Iraq that have the misprinted dinar are in the process of destroying it now. Shabibi is meeting with Maliki, the finance committee of Parliament and Parliament early next week to discuss the RV. He told the media that an announcement will be made on TV September 15, giving the new date of the RV. He will then be leaving for the big financial conference in London on September 18 & 19. Also, after that meeting, Saleh will be meeting with the IMF in London and giving them the new RV rate.

Sam: Baxter1243 wow they are coming out with some big ones…    imo that is all bull….just saying imo

RVFever: that could be smoke.  im not sure Shabbs would let a mistake happen like that

Baxter1243: sam ..actually…BGG just announced a call tonight….and he said most of it is true…guess we will know tonight

Baxter1243: Talabani is back in the hospital.  Supposedly

RVFever: we shall see

sam: Baxter1243 saw that he said he agreed with a couple points

Baxter1243: Yes….BGG is having a call at 9:30 EDT

DevaronDLH: Time to get out the Hip Waders , its getting deep out there

RVFever: Or start cleaning the Barn shovel the Manure is getting deep

sam: DevaronDLH for sure… it appears the dinarworld today has been turned upside down….

sam: RVFever sounds like that has begun… starting with reno

DevaronDLH: If you just looked at the crazy stories that came out since yesterday it must be a good indicator we are really, really close

DevaronDLH: If you just looked at the crazy stories that came out since yesterday it must be a good indicator we are really, really close

[stargate] Does anyone really believe they’re going to announce ahead of time and date of a revaluation?

[skysthelimit] yall now those ppl over there change their mind with the wind around a camel’s tush!

[stargate] Supposition creates speculation which leads to assumptions which then creates urban legends and misinformation.

[clubber3] Just read a 2 part post by Ray on Dinar detectives. He reports that Shabbi was about to go live when the Banks discovered that the new currency was printed wrong without correct images and wwithout Kurdish language onit. The Kurds were upser and would not agree to the new currency. Printers in England and Germany are now printing new currency and Shabbi will have a News coference on the !5th to make an announcement about the RV

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] clubber3 The CBI has known for years that the LD’s they printed back in 2004 didn’t have the Kurdish language on them, so to say they just discovered this is total nonsense.

[clubber3] Austin-powers-for-PM I’ve been reading this stuff for well over a year and never saw this before. I wondered what kind of Gment would recieve printed Money and not check it for accuracy upon reciept.ut, go read it,if you like.

[perky2] I looks like they found another excuse to kick the can down the road


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/4/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[showoff] Good morning – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up .Gal 6:9

~healthy3] all I can say things sure have changed with cash in since the beginning of the year…codes, no codes, high rates, lower rates…At this point just let us do our CE…I’m all in and will help whomever I can with whatever I end up with.

[sooner84] It’s interesting that some prominent gurus have said the rate may be double digits, but now we’re hearing maybe not. Let’s hope that that still are!

sooner84] TLane I thought that absolutely no one is supposed to know the rate, but just a few folks. If so, then I’m curious how anyone can say what the rate will be. It can be predicted based on assumptions, but guess we won’t know until it happens.

Asells: [BWM] Ram1 I definitely think the street rate will be under $ 7 [da58] BWM do you suspect our group rate is being negotiated between banks right now? [BWM] da58 I do believe anything to do with that has been settled… most seem to report some “out” clause there so again my advice is that if you aren’t at a bank… don’t do it

Asells: [annabelle] BWM are you privvy to intel that you cannot share? [BWM] annabelle I look at intel this way… I compare with a few trusted ppl just to see where we are…I form my own opinions and I share whether or not I believe there is anything worthwhile happening that affects up positively or negatively… .  the actual premise for some of those assumptions are unnecessary in my opinion to share because they set up false expectations or hopes… it will happen and I don’t see any reason it can’t occur at this time from what I’m hearing.. other than that it just becomes he said, she said fairy tails IMO

[lee0623] Heard everything, from delayed indefinitely, to this week during the dnc

sananddan24] Out of all the predictions I think cruiser was right . Only the 1st was on a Sat most banks closed on Sat

[sooner84] If there are no codes, I’m wondering if there will still be a group cash in like noted in this site and others. Any comments?

[mbd4049] sooner84 don’t think so, I hear we will be on our own – LaGarde and Madam Wu had a big falling out and Wu took her “toys” (the bank agreements for us and the high rate) and went back to China, leaving us with just a regular cash-in

[sandytob] mbd4049 so that’s what ended up happening! Okie said yesterday they were making the final decisions about the codes. I can’t believe that at the end of this long saga, this “falling out” happened…it is going to have a huge affect on us.

[tommyd] Opinions are just flying around this morning…. I am sticking with plan A. The RV is going to show up one day with no one perdicking it . Out of the blue .

[~healthy3] sandytob I never believed the PTB would give us high amounts for cash in. I don’t think they want us to have that much money.

[sandytob] ~healthy3 it was China that was doing it…..they were the 3rd party that was buying our dinar.

[sandytob] mbd4049 what did they say on the news?

[mbd4049] sandytob that LaGard wanted to know why Wu had not pushed the button and at the end Wu left and supposedly, just supposedly, LaGard will make decision jmho

[mbd4049] sandytob correct and they wanted all of us to use WF

[~healthy3] sandytob maybe they will make up and all will change again. One never knows but lets get it over with now please

[sandytob] mbd4049 so M Wu has been holding this up? Wonder why.

[mbd4049] ~healthy3 correct, the PTB still want to be the richest lol

[sooner84] mbd4049 Maybe that was the incident that stopped this 3 minutes before the button was supposed to be pressed.

[mbd4049] sandytob don’t know exactly

[sandytob] mbd4049 this was on the mainstream media? on Fox news? When they said it did they refer to the RV?

[mbd4049] sandytob it was just stated that the two of them didn’t see eye to eye on certain currency issues

[mbd4049] sooner84 very easily could have been, don’t know

[jc2] The most plausible and politically correct release would be s straight up RI…no explanations needed other than it was held at an artificial rate by the UN since the invasion…IMO

[TLane] Okie in his chat yesterday,  he seems like he is about to let it all out if something doesn’t happen soon!

[mbd4049] SGD3 MtnStar exactly makes you wonder hmmmmmmmmmm

[SGD3] TLane I caught that…Wish he would

From Late Mon. Night:

Alan Wrench] Civil War? Are you all reading the news? Look for this hydrocarbon law to get implemented quickly and we’ll see at least a rate of $ 1 or close to it and then Maliki will be forced to implement Erbil and Allawi will take a few days to form the government and we should see a rate more than Kuwait within a few days of that.

[Alan Wrench] Don’t get lost dbsword, it’s inevitable, HCL/smart cards/lifting 000, $ 1 temp rate, then Erbil, bank on it, then +Kuwait rate within five days.

Precious] 9-3-2012 Blaino: I see large international dollar movement, extra large IQD buys happening in the Middle East. I am very excited. We are holding at alert level 5+.

Precious] September 3, 2012 Federal Reserve has already started QE3, says investor Jim Rogers Veteran US investor Jim Rogers believes the Federal Reserve has already launched a third round of quantitative easing, despite chairman Ben Bernanke failing to mention stimulus measures in his Jackson Hole speech last week. Jim Rogers’ Quantum portfolio gained 4,200pc in the 10 years to 1983 as the S&P advanced about 47pc Photo: Clare Kendall By Andrew Mr Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros, said that America’s central bank may be printing money to avoid “getting egg on their face again” after previous attempts to kickstart the faltering economy with $ 2 trillion of QE failed.

[Precious] “I do not know if they [the Fed] will announce it,” he told India’s Economic Times. “I know they are going to print more money. They already are. If you look at their balance sheets, you will see that something is happening, assets are building on their balance sheets and they are not coming from the tooth fairy. “They are a little bit embarrassed because they announced QE1 and QE2, and it did not work. So they may try to discuss it. They may just continue to do it without getting egg on their face again, but they are going to print money, they are all going to print money. It is the wrong thing to do, but that is all they know how to do.”

[Precious] Bernanke……at Jackson Hole on Friday that the country’s high level of unemployment – it climbed to 8.3pc in July – is a “grave concern” and that the “economic situation remains far from satisfactory”. The US’s plight is echoed across the Western world as the eurozone grapples with its own debt crisis that threatens to see Greece leave the single currency. Spain and Italy are also struggling with recession as austerity measures championed by Germany eat away at growth.

[paradisegirl] Precious that is the article of the day, IMO, and wonder if this would be the cover for the RV


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 9/1/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[cruiser] Well so much for not seeing September. Sorry to all for that. Really thought I would be on right now CELEBRATING. Though it has not shown as of now. I am still extremely confident that the end is near.

[captaincaveman ] Cruiser even if it has/does RV today, won’t we have to wait til the central banks and the forex reopen before we know

[sunshine] cruiser cruiser Today is going to be a great day for all of us…and today is NOT over yet..still very young… rv praying

[MtnStar] cruiser love the info – and know that there are variables beyond our control

[ModelWoman] cruiser I think the room will agree with me…..We appreciate you coming in this morning and letting us know it didn’t go down instead of getting lost in the Bermuda Triangel. Right Gang?

[Dinara] cruiser even though it didn’t happen yet I appreciate all you do to inform me of what is going on in dinar world. I would be clueless without you!

[cruiser] Really do not know what to say right now. Just sorry for putting so much hope out there and not seeing it come to fruitition. I will be back later on. I have some things to do this morning.

tinman54] cruiser waiting on a C/E means never having to say you’re sorry

diverdown] FYI, On Netdania Forex these currencies pairs (USD/CNY, USD/BRL, USD/EGP, USD/INR, USD/IQD) where updating last night while the Forex is suppose to be closed. They all stopped updating a few minuts after 3am edt. These same currencies pairs have now started to update again as of about 9am edt.

[diverdown] I believe its testing, but it is unusual for sure. [misskitty05] diverdown so it’s several of the currencies that are supposed to RV .. that is interesting

[diverdown] misskitty05 yes

[candy] diverdown do you think it may be a sign?

[misskitty05] diverdown I sure hope it means something

[diverdown] candy not sure but somebody working on something for sure

[Stitch] diverdown VERY interesting!

[diverdown] Hiraly in Iraq on the 3rd, coins suppose to be coming out, test of currency pairs which are the one that are suppose to revalue very interesting timing

diverdown] talibani suppose to be in Iraq

[prissynell] diverdown did you read that somewhere WE have to have an RV before coins come out

[diverdown] prissynell it only make sense to rv before coins hit the street or they would be worthless

[prissynell] diverdown very true

[prissynell] or now it would take 3,000 coins to buy a loaf of bread there

[tom56] diverdown That’s what I am thinking also.

[candy] Have any of the intel guys been able to verify the coins yet?

[prissynell] no

[prissynell] plus I had had many calls yesterday saying it was released yesterday. Now I do not know if that is true or not, but other things do have to line up with the RV

[diverdown] prissynell where do you calls come from? bank, gov or iraq?

[prissynell] a bank source and others associated highly with the pp,  which has to come at the same time

[myprayerrealized] prissynell “PP” in prosperity programs?

[prissynell] myprayerrealized yes

[~healthy3] diverdown prissynell I am looking for it at any time just praying it is now for everyone.

xyz] Iraq’s Kurdistan will keep pumping its share of national oil exports until September 15, extending a deadline for the central government to make disputed payments to companies working in the autonomous region, Kurdish sources said on Saturday. Kurdistan had warned it would stop oil shipments again at the start of September over the payments, but two Kurdish sources said the region had decided to give Baghdad more time for payment paperwork to be sorted out. “We decided to extend the deadline for pumping crude to September 15 as a goodwill gesture, and to give Baghdad more time to resolve the payment issue,” one source with Kurdistan’s natural resources ministry told Reuters. diverdown] xyz darnit

[diverdown] xyz maybe Kurs see proof that they are getting things done


* (Dinar Chatter): Dinar Recaps 8/29/12

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

[redsnowbird] SCgunner Which media? Our Media? Or Iraq Media? I look for news from the media too… but I also know that both Iraq’s and US media can be manipulated just like everything else…. So I look for financial news…. which also can be manipulated… shoot… maybe I will just read Thrifty Nickle!

[tatortot] Anyone who waits for good news about this from the media will be waiting a long time. It won’t be in the media.

[SCgunner] redsnowbird I think when it happens the media will not be minpulated it will be too late for other suppositions when the dinar is international and tradeable, don’t think they will be able to put that aside with other garbage

[mister dinar] if a country like iraq…revalues their money ..with such a large increase….it would have to be reported in the media..imo

[Oracle] mister dinar Processed food makes people rather ill. Prescription medicines kill thousands and thousands of people a year and you hear none of this. GMO’s make odd illnesses in people and you don’t hear about this in MSM. So, the dinar could quite possibly slip right past MSM.

[misskitty05] Oracle totally agree. How many of us heard about the RV of the Kuwait diar at the time. It was a huge RV

[redsnowbird] SCgunner Another thought…. Kaperoni believes that the IQD will not be a currency that is traded at banks… he believes that it will be used at Central Banks only… not out to the public…

[mister dinar] misskitty05 i remember paul harvey reported when the kuwaitt rvd on his radio show

[misskitty05] mister dinar ok… my point is that it increased significantly in value and there was no fanfare about it in mainstream media. Many people never heard a word about it and many who did hear didn’t realize the significance

[xyz]    Forget Jackson Hole, Watch Beige Book Instead: Expert –> The Beige Book – a collection of anecdotal information on current economic conditions across each of the 12 Fed districts – is a report viewed closely by the Federal Reserve to determine monetary policy.

[xyz] Iraqi Dinar Investments Why the Hype? –> History is on their side. West Germany saw dramatic improvements in its currency value after World War II. Kuwait had the same thing happen after the invasion in 1990. Even Hollywood’s getting into the game; the new movie Hit and Run portrays a get-rich-quick scheme that bases itself precisely upon the Iraqi dinar premise.

[blessedinohio] xyz Interesting article! How bizarre to see more and more articles on our investment – I hope it’s an indication of this coming to a close…

[xyz] blessedinohio very, very weird huh?

[mbillions] xyz Articles, movie, what’s next?

gsmj] WCW So what are your sources saying today?

[WCW] gsmj im not hearing anything

[Ribeye] WCW you did not kill your contact, yesterday, did you?? lol

[WCW] Ribeye i cant even get him on the phone

[Ribeye] WCW hmmm…he may be skeeeered! lol

[WCW] Ribeye it could have happened yesterday and waiting on more intel

[captaincaveman ] WCW maybe he cashed out roflmao

[WCW] captaincaveman that s what i m thinking

[Ribeye] WCW he may have cashed out and is still unconseous!! lol

[1biz4u] WCW don’t you think he would have told you that he was still waiting?

[WCW] 1biz4u i would have wished that he would have

[cowtown333] WCW maybe his cell coverage is spotty int he south pacific roflmao

[WCW] cowtown333 that could be it

[thudz04] Good morning Jeff I have a question. Do you have any thoughts regarding all of the recent press regarding the IQD investment and whether or not it would affect the RV rate if a lot more investors became involved?

whitelions] thudz04 I can answer that a big NO

[xyz] Did Higher GDP End QE3 Chances? –> The U.S. economy expanded at a faster clip than previously estimated in the second quarter, and Cumberland’s Kotok says that decreases the likelihood of any QE3 talk from Jackson Hole on Friday. More »Did Higher GDP End QE3 Chances? Related: Second-Quarter GDP Revised Upward, Still Slow….