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June 6th, 2011 01:22 pm · Posted in DOOZIES 

Okay guys . . . here is the latest . . . I have multiple sources worldwide that states the RV has occurred . . . and that the IQD will be on the forex sometime today [Monday – 06/06] . . . I am waiting to hear from a U.S. Bank that I was just informed that is cashing in today [Monday – 06/06] . . . . I am awaiting confirmation of that fact . . . we are now seeing the largest transfer of wealth in history . . . I will keep you current with the Intel . . . I am on top of it . . . praise the Lord



  1. whatouttathecamper says:

    YEA, that’s strike one against you OKIE.. Even though you have been saying it for months. Two more and your out!!!!!!

  2. B.S. Detector says:

    He’s already had three strikes against him. Okie only has one reputation and its not a good one. Enough said.

  3. Dr. Dinar says:

    Hey guys, is there ANY possible way we can prevent some of these guys who keep repeating the same old crap over and over again from posting on these sites? I find a considerable amount of the posted content as value added, with the excpetion of the information from these morons who simply pump up the general dinar public with immediate false hope.

  4. jim jones says:

    what reputation, he’s never been right and why can you still buy dinar right now for the same price its always been?

  5. Jiggy says:

    Okie , please go away like you did last month, since you have return nothing but lies has been coming out your mouth Please do us all a favor and LEAVE for good !!!

  6. Ok, so let’s see, he is putting his reputation on the line, I hate to break it to you but your reputation just like your intel and predictions SUCK, your a pumper who is in the final days of at least useing the name we have all come to dispise, 2 more and your out, personally in your case i think this should count for 10 and they should just delete any post you post. i ACTUALLY HOPE THAT SOMEDAY THIS TURNS IN TO A SITUATION WHERE ALL OF YOU LOW LIFES GET PROSECUTED FOR USEING FALSE INFO TO SELL MORE DINAR….

  7. Jalanick says:

    Okie-“ok I’m evil” but you must remember these are only rumors to get more dumbers in line to aquire the IQD and boost his income. What is wrong with this evil capitalist? Anyone know where to cash my worthless, as of now, in the REPUBLIC OF TEXAS?

  8. How about retiring. You have no reputation anymore. Just a liar , no more,no less.

  9. J Clark says:

    Life is hard enough without chuckle-heads spreading rumors!

  10. J. W. says:

    You are so full of S$%^…..My Dad is 77 years old and buying into your BS hook line and sinker spending money he doesn’t have….Karma is a B&^ch and I hope it slams you…..

  11. Jersey Girl says:

    You don’t have to be up wind to smell your smell okie, you are nothing but BULLSHIT thru and thru, get a life asshole

  12. tookie says:

    All you bashers may be eating your words, time will tell

  13. KJersey says:

    If you spoke the truth, it would be for the first time

  14. Big BBAD says:

    Mr. Okie, Your sources have been very wrong, ALOT.
    Why do you continue to even listen to them?
    We’re all excited about the possibilities of this endeavour.
    Be good ya’ll.
    One day at a rate, FO SHO.

  15. hitman says:

    Hold on here….. let’s google Okie Oil Man and see just how many posts Okie has made over the years. Not once has he been ahead of the curve to get anything he said right. Now , hang tough with me on this one. Okie is the ” king of the pump up the volume pump up the dinar” every weekend. I was chastised for accusing Okie and the Guru’s ( do I need the name them?) ahhhh nope… about them being involved in the sale of dinar. I think we all are smart enough to see the genius in the empire they built for themselves. I really think we are close to cashing, and they want to milk the last dime out of the cash cow. As I have said in many posts in the past that never made it to the site, Okie could not tell the difference between an oil well and an ash hole… did I spell that right???… you make that decision. I also stated the guru’s could not hit their azz with both hands if I superglued their palms to their butt… again spelling??? So we all see Jokie Okie the Spoil Man with the Smell Tell keeps us laughing week after week.

    I heard from My Intel (who I can not say it is since he is high up in a 3 Letter agency) well his sister’s mother on his father’s side by way of a distant cousin who just opened a bank account in Iceland, that SEARS is naming a washing machine after Okie the Oil Man. They have been searching for years for the biggest agitator that would get the skid marks out of boxer shorts ( strickly designed for the gurus)…. and they think they have found their new spokesperson…. The sad part is that when it hits, Jokie Okie will puff up his ego and be screaming ” I told you it has happened”…. when it does reval.

    And Frank with dragging God into the equation…. thought Greed with one of the SEVEN Deadly Sins…… and for the rest of the Guru’s that ride the “SHORT BUS” to second grade everyday and need Jokie Okie picks them up at the bus stop, I feel sorry for them because one day they will reap what they have sowed…. the only thing a man has is his word and none of them have a word that is not an out and out lie……

    So the end with an OKIE the OIL MAN quote…… Nuff Said …. It’s a done deal>>> hear the rate tonight and cash tomorrow….. Send this to everyone you know in dinar world and put an end to Okie and the guru’s

  16. Keanu Dane says:


  17. gimpy says:

    Every week it’s the same thing ” this is it time to cash in. ” It’s funny cause every week the rate gets bigger. My brother and I laugh every time you make a post. When someone says did you hear about the RV we say who said it? After we find out it was okie oil man….. the excitement instantly goes away. Enough is enough. I think it’s already been said. Just away for dealers and sites to make more money . Go RV … For real ……..

  18. Peter lawer says:

    What reputation? Okie has none. He is now going to change names and start all over, along with different contacts which never existed to begin with…

  19. OH_BROTHER says:

    STRIKE 3……. YOUR OUT! So much for your reputation

  20. ts says:

    Okie,we still love you,don’t listen to these heathans. For god so loved the dinar world that he gave us okie.that whoever shall believe in okie,shall believe anything their told,shall be a fool,and will be taken advantage of forevermore,amen.

  21. GZ says:

    Hey Okie (caster)Oil man, give me the names of all your intel specialists. I want to make certain that I never hire any of those lying, inept, 100% wrong everytime on everything nitwits.
    I used to read the comics in the newspaper for laughs, but now I get even more laughs from your pumper bull s h i t.
    By the way, Okie, “God” is the pagan diety of “luck” and “fortune”. It is spelled exactly the same way in Hebrew as it is in English – gimmel dallet. YHWH Elohim condemns those who prepare a table for god and mene (the lesser moon diety of “destiny”). Study the Hebrew scriptures and you will be surprised at what you will learn – that’s why Jews write it as G-d.
    So, it’s appropriate that you would refer to your pagan “god” you pumper trash.

  22. martin b says:

    okie and all the other gurus – create a site and following with enticing FALSE intel.

    sell dinar banker ad space

    charge $14.95 a month for backstage pass – GET IT?

  23. Joe Schmo says:

    tookie says:
    June 6, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    All you bashers may be eating your words, time will tell

    When exactly are we suppose to start eating our words?

  24. BAMADUDE4 says:

    Okie and the rest of the gurus are a joke….. they consistently spout information that is DEAD WRONG time and time again….. and God forbid you question them….. sure is funny that when you back them in a corner and ask them to provide one milligram of PROOF that what they are saying has ANY merit they ban you from their site because they KNOW THEY CANNOT PROVE ANY OF THE CRAP THEY SPEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow on those of you who are SHEEP!!! If you have any intelligence you will distance yourself from ALL of the dinar gurus and do YOUR OWN research into your investments……

  25. Ivor Bigun says:

    Dear Okie.

    Blow it out your ASS

  26. jvel777 says:

    Half of the gurus like Dookie, Poopy2, ScoobyG, Casper (ghost), and other homo’s are all the same scumbag playing adversaries to keep the game interesting in their twisted mental midget minds.

    Neither of them know s h i t from shampoo!!!!

  27. jewells says:

    You C should b ashamed of your harsh words. God is going to take from the rich an give to the poor. And he promises and he does take care of his children. Its all about faith. I have it and so does. Okie.

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