September 5, 2015

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I’ve received several emails wondering why I’ve taken down the Dinar Trade banner from my site.  It’s as simple as this… Dinar Trade has elected to NOT advertise for the next 3 months.  As such, I sold the space to another Dinar Dealer I trust, that being The Currency Vault.

I’ve received nothing but positive feedback about The Currency Vault, so I feel very comfortable placing their banner on all my sites, and recommending them as a legitimate and trustworthy business to work with.  You can reach them by clicking on the banner ad just above the “Archives” section located in the far right column of Dinar Daddy’s Tidibts, or by going to

There’s nothing more to the story or to read into than that, and the following:

  • I have a great relationship with Ali and Dinar Trade.
  • I had lunch with him just this past Friday with my wife when we were on vacation in southern California last week.
  • I still anticipate I will be running the Dinar Trade Salt Lake City cash-in office post-revaluation.
  • I have always had a good working relationship with Ali, and I still do.  We have each other on “speed dial” whenever we need to reach one another. Nothing has changed in that regard.
  • Dinar Trade’s paid-for ad space has run out on my website (last official day was April 15th, but I let it run a few more days).
  • Because I am NOT Dinar Trade, but only sell ad space on my site to them or anyone else, if they choose to NOT PAY for advertising on my site for a time, it’s their business.
  • Because the space was available, I gave the opportunity to pick it up to The Currency Vault because they are both a solid company, offer excellent customer service, offer a unique spin to the market (capture images of serial numbers for their customers), and they wanted the ad space and exposure.

Anything else anyone else shares beyond what I’ve shared within this post is speculation, conjecture, and unquestionably wrong.

Go Change… Go Ads… Go Explanations… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy


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