August 30, 2015

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On MTT call just now: OKIE JUST SAID THIS: RUMOR……..

“Tomorrow Malicki is supposed to announce to the Iraqi people that they can right now go to the banks and exchange thier dinar for lower denominations which now have a lot higher value. ” also will announce the GOI at the same time on big screen TV’s.”

He got this from several sources but he was waiting for confirmation from his Iraqi Parliament contact. Also lots of foreign dignitaries are arriving and airport security is HIGH. Still classified as RUMOR Also the rate is still rumored to be at $ 5.27.

Blaino also says his contacts are saying the same thing, and we might know as soom as 2-4 AM this morning.

Peoples Dinar contacts are saying the same thing. It is still supposed to be a managed float-so take your time, have accounts ect. ready. Don’t rush and make mistakes. Set up a trust so taxes only need be paid on what you withdraw. Trusts also give you asset protection and tax benefits. CHECK WITH A TAX PROFESSIONAL OR TWO. You may want to only cash out a small amount, then get the tax advice, and open a trust before cashing in the bulk of your dinar.

Also several HUGE bank rumors saying the same thing, and that banks will have the rate on Monday to cashout.


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  1. SHANE HARDY says:

    i would like to know if the rv comes in at $3.00 how will iraq fund this as this would represent about 71 trillion dollars i am aware the central bank of iraq have about 145 billion in hand they have a budget expenditure of about 96 trillion
    which by all accounts equals 3 times their current wealth.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Do you think we will get an RV on Monday the 25th Feb 2013 ? If so, what rate ?

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