September 5, 2015

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* Currency Chatter Email: G.E.T. Site Resignation

TIDBIT: My only comment to this is… Thank you to all who choose to share what they think they know.  I too wish them well so long as their intentions are pure and honest. – DD

Dear Dinar Daddy,

Currency continues to be the leader in currency investment resources on the internet. We work hard to provide you with the most relevant and up-to the minute information.

Because of our high value we place on having a team with the utmost integrity, we have accepted the GET Team’s resignation from Currency Chatter. Please join us in wishing them well in their future endeavors.

Currency Chatter will continue to provide you with the latest intel and analysis regarding your investments.

Thank you for your support,

The Currency Chatter Team


  1. Emily says:

    The people left in charge at Currency Chatter are uneducated people who no credentials like Enorste. Go to Currency Chatter at your own risk! I predict the site will be a ghost town soon.

  2. itsallgood says:

    GMAFB………will ya. That was a very kind way to say….good riddins. Every one of these guys intel posts should have been delegated to the rumors section with an asterik next to it saying: read at your own risk.

  3. anise says:

    any intel ‘opps rumors’ on this . . . .smiles

  4. dsm says:

    Is there a group of people in the Chicago land southwest suburbs that I could communicate with to find good tax attorney, trust attorney, accountant. and investment banker?

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